Just Cause 4 Leaked Again, This Time by Steam

While it was expected due to a prior leak, it seems that Just Cause 4 has seen another major leak due to Steam.

Just Cause

A few weeks back, the infamous Walmart Canada leak happened, supposedly outing a lot of games set to be announced this E3. So far, it has remained true, with more and more announcements seemingly coming in the build-up to next week's Expo. One of the names on that list that has remained quiet though is Just Cause 4. Or rather, it was.

The game is still not officially announced, but Steam of all places has swooped in and seemingly removed all doubt, as Polygon reports. Overnight, a banner for the game turned up on the marketplace encouraging players to pre-purchase the game. It showed surprisingly moody key art of Rico Rodriguez standing over some tropical looking trees. There is also some lightning for good measure too. No further details were shared about the game however, as when you clicked on the image, it just brought you back to the homepage of Steam.

It now seems hard to deny that the game is happening, so the question now moves to when will the game be officially announced. Will we have to wait until an E3 showcase, or will the game see a reveal before then? Or perhaps, will this force a hand a little early? Honestly, I don't mind so much. I'm a big lover of Just Cause so I'm excited to see what the next instalment will bring. Whatever it is, you have to imagine it will include some truly wild explosions and destruction.

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