New Trailer For The Uncharted Collection Shows Off Next Generation Update For The Franchise

This October, The Nathan Drake Collection will be making its way onto the PlayStation 4, updating Uncharted 1-3 for the next generation. I actually foresee this being a huge success, what with older PlayStation veterans coming back to replay the games before Uncharted 4 drops, as well as old Xbox  360 users who bought a PlayStation 4, thus never had access to the title previously.

If you need more convincing though, here is a trailer showing the slightly updated visuals and 60fps overhaul. While this is mostly cut scene work, you'll see a few of the most iconic moments from the series interspersed to show the fluid action. I have to say, even as a guy who isn't crazy about Uncharted, I'm pretty much on board for all of this.

Take a look:

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