We Get A Better Look At Nightingale During Summer Game Fest Play Days

One of the games we got to check out at the Level Infinite booth at Summer Game Fest Play Days was Inflexion Games' latest title, Nightingale. We had briefly seen this game back in December when it got the Game Awards treatment with a major trailer held during the broadcast, but since then it's practically been radio silence from the team behind it as they continue to work on the game. While there wasn't a playable demo at the event for us to experiment with, we got to check out some of the content of the game and chatted with a dev about what you'll be doing.

We Get A Better Look At Nightingale During Summer Game Fest Play Days
Credit: Inflexion Games

The shorthand for Nightingale is that its Stargate meets Fallout 76 dressed in Victorian garb. You will be traveling to different worlds through a network of portals, which will open as you utilize special cards to unlock new locations and doors. You'll take on the role of a Realmwalker and craft different cards to help you achieve this, but beware, not every world you travel to is a friendly one. Every world has some kind of Faewild touch to it as you'll encounter various creatures just waiting to see what you're made of. Each card you craft and infuse with "Magick" comes with different attributes including environments, weather, resources, and various challenges when you arrive. The game boasts a "sophisticated procedural generation system" that will create randomized worlds based on what you make, so in theory, no two games will be the same. You may find yourself on a serene landscape with wondrous creatures, or in a boggy hellscape you need to leave immediately.

Once you arrive, there's much to do as you can set up shop so that you have a home base of operations to continue crafting, but also to rest, regroup, and plan for other challenges as you may be stuck on every world you encounter for a while. In fact, depending on how long you stay, you can create an entire estate that will keep you safe and sound. Thankfully, you don't have to do everything alone as the game will have co-op so you and multiple players can tackle challenges together. One aspect featured at the event that the devs didn't get too in-depth about was Automatons, which is a robotic-like Fae enemy that you'll encounter everywhere you go. It sounds like they will play a much bigger role in Nightingale, but we have no idea what that will be yet. You can check out the latest trailer here as the game will drop into Early Access sometime in 2022 for PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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