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We Review The PNY LX2030 Solid State Drive

A little while ago, we received a few items from PNY, one of them being their LX2030 Solid State Drive, which we were finally able to review. This is an interesting design in that it looks and feels just a centimeter sleeker than some of the other drives we've reviewed in the past, even though there's not much about it that screams design change. This particular design was made to sustain heavier workloads over time, and as you can see from the front of the box, the goal of it was to serve as a Chia mining drive. …Which we're going to entirely ignore! Because we don't care about that for this review. The reality is when you send an SSD our way, we're utilizing it for one or two very specific things. For us, its about storage and gaming, so we loaded this into a friend's PC tower and gave it a spin.

We Review The PNY LX2030 Solid State Drive
Photo by: Gavin Sheehan

First and foremost, when it comes to filing access, storage, downloads, and more, it operates pretty well. Some of the newer designs we've run into over the past few years with SSD designs is that while they're great at storing content, accessing it takes a minute. When an SSD has to think about finding something as simple as a video game, that's an issue. But not so much here as we dumped almost a TB worth of steam games into it from another drive, and it was able to locate them with ease and play instantly. As far as games running off the SSD, PNY has made it so that whatever task is being run on this, it's about as fast as you could hope for. I ran this thing through the wringer with Call Of Duty: Warzone, and it performed well. I even put this card through a few tests on games that have been known to crash if pushed too hard (or are going through the wrong kind of processer or graphics card) and it still ran well.

Overall, this was an amazing SSD to play with. PNY went out of its way to make a drive that could withstand a ton of work and not have to deal with any kind of issues. Considering what it's designed to be used for, the price tag is steep, but well worth it.

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