World Of Tanks Console Season One With A WWE-Themed Event

Wargaming revealed today that World Of Tanks Console will kick off Season One with a special WWE-themed event. The 5.0 update for the game went into effect today, adding a number of tanks themed after WWE superstars, as you will be able to fight each other in tanks like The Undertaker, Becky Lynch, Andre The Giant, Sgt. Slaughter, and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, who will be free for all players! There are also premium editions you can collect, which you can read about more below from today's reveal. We also got a ton of screenshots and a trailer for you to enjoy!

Now you can battle each other as WWE Superstars in World Of Tanks, courtesy of Wargaming.
Now you can battle each other as WWE Superstars in World Of Tanks, courtesy of Wargaming.

Players will also be given the ability to experience their own redesigned WWE Garage – including epic Superstar introductions for their vehicles, unique visuals for each Premium Collector Tank, and two sets of crew chests that will include the aforementioned five Superstars and Legends to start in addition to Roman Reigns, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels in August. Update 5.0 will also introduce cross-play between PlayStation 4 and Xbox one users, giving players the opportunity to pit their skills against one another in an expanded player base with quicker matchmaking speeds across all tiers. For real-time-strategy fans, the popular Commander mode returns allowing players to get a different angle on the intense tank fighting and tactics.

"The update 5.0 and launch of Season 1 is probably the biggest one our team in Chicago has done in a couple of years. Partnering with WWE has been a fantastic experience and is bringing unique new content to our players, who can expect more updates like SummerSlam in the future! With update 5.0, we're very excited to be able to address many player requests and desires for our game like cross-play that unites PlayStation and Xbox tankers, to make match making faster and better," said TJ Wagner, Executive Producer of Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore.

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