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World Of Tanks Receives Massive Artillery Gameplay Update
Wargaming revealed the next update being added to World Of Tanks as players will be seeing a massive artillery gameplay update While it's not the biggest update the game has ever seen, Update 1.13 is essentially a major reworking of core mechanics that will change the way you play Some of those changes will be[...]
World Of Tanks Blitz Receives A Massive Update To Be More Realistic
Wargaming has just released a brand new update into World Of Tanks Blitz as players will now get a little bit more of a realistic feel The 8.0 update is designed to give the game more life-like visuals and a new line of American heavy tanks As well as launching the game's 7th Anniversary celebrations[...]
World Of Tanks Announces Modern Armor For Console Editions
Wargaming announced today that the console version of World Of Tanks will be getting a new upgrade with Modern Armor Starting on April 27th, players on both versions of PlayStation and Xbox will be able to play with some of the more modern versions of tanks rather than just diving back into the past You'll[...]
World Of Tanks Heads To The Stars In Latest Event
Wargaming has revealed their next event coming to World Of Tanks as the game appears to be headed to space If that sounds familiar, it should, since that was the last event to happen in World Of Warships However, this one is a bit different, as it sounds like you'll still be battling on land[...]
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Joe is there, and that trouble has found its way into World Of Tanks for a special crossover event Hasbro and Wargaming have come together for a classic '80s fight, and you can bet there's no red and blue lasers in this one Starting today, players will be able to get their hands on two[...]
World Of Tanks Brings Italian Heavy Tanks In First 2021 Update
Wargaming revealed details of the first update of 2021 for World Of Tanks as we're getting some Italian heavy tanks The 1.11.1 update brings about a number of changes, chief among them is the addition of several heavy Italian tanks and a new set of battle missions to keep you and your enemies busy A[...]
Rambo, Snake & Colonel James Braddock Come To World Of Tanks
Wargaming has revealed three action stars are coming to World Of Tanks as we're getting Rambo, Snake Plissken, and Colonel James Braddock Season 3 of the game launches today on console with a new update that will bring about new additions, improvements, and changes to the game Essentially this is both an enhancement and an[...]
World Of Tanks Gets Holiday Content With... Chuck Norris?
Wargaming revealed their holiday addition to World Of Tanks with everyone's favorite Christmas addition… Chuck Norris? From December 9th-11th in the game, Norris will be joining the game's annual Holiday Ops event, bringing some exciting additions into the game but for only a limited time only This is the first time Norris has done VO[...]
World Of Tanks Players Getting Years Of Service Rewards
Wargaming has revealed that they are giving out rewards to World Of Tanks players based on their years of service The company is giving out gifts to all its players, both old and new, as a way to thank them for their participation in the game and helping them become as big as they have[...]
World Of Tanks Starts A New Nightmarish Halloween Event
Wargaming has introduced a new nightmarish Halloween event into World Of Tanks this week unlike any before it They have collaborated with Masahiro Ito, the Art Director and Monster Designer, as well as the amazing composter Akira Yamaoka, both behind the same nightmarish Silent Hill universe, as you will be exposed to the sinister story[...]
Korn Debuted A New Music Video For World Of Tanks Blitz
Wargaming and the band Korn have partnered up to release a brand new music video for World of Tanks Blitz today The band released a brand new music video for the song "Finally Free" that you can check out below featuring them in a desert with a bunch of exploded tanks and one man fighting[...]
World Of Tanks Gets A New 7-V-1 Mode The Last Waffenträger
Wargaming revealed a new event coming to World Of Tanks along with a new 7-v-1 mode as you'll compete in The Last Waffenträger The event will run from September 28th-October 12th, as you'll get to fight against one of the most powerful tanks added to the game The colossal Tier 10 tank destroyer known as the[...]
World Of Tanks Console Edition Launches Hot Wheels Collaboration
The console edition of World Of Tanks has launched its second season with a surprise collaboration with Hot Wheels Starting today and running all the way until December 7th, you'll have a chance to unlock a number of special rewards and tanks tied to the Season Two Pass, which includes six different tanks with a[...]
Giveaway: Twenty World Of Tanks Blitz Nintendo Switch Codes
Wargaming recently released World Of Tanks Blitz for Nintendo Switch, and to celebrate, they're giving the game away on Steam The company has partnered with us to give away 20 codes for the game, and all you need to do is be quick We have all 20 listed at the bottom of the article on[...]
Wargaming Releases World Of Tanks' Biggest Update Of 2020
Wargaming announced this morning that they've loaded the 1.10 update into World Of Tanks, the biggest update for the game in 2020 The update has added in six new tanks from the Polish army, all of them medium build and researchable from the Tier IV 14TP, the new branch will stretch from Tier V to[...]