World Of Warships: Legends Receives An October Update

The folks at Wargaming have released a new update for the month of October into World Of Warships: Legends with a couple of new ships. So first off, the Italian fleet that was released in the primary game is now available in Legends. Second, there have been several improvements made to the Russian and Italian lines to make them a little more formable than before. But the big highlight is that on October 19th they will kick off their Rust 'n' Rumble Halloween event, which features designs for ships that are fun and crazy to play as you'll have a four-way deathmatch brawl h for command of a sunken post-apocalyptic city to earn Tabz. And if you play enough battles in the mode, you'll earn a free Tier VI Premium Russian destroyer, the Ognevoi. You can read a little more about the update below along with pics and an overview video.

Halloween can ever reach the season with an event starting October 19th. Courtesy of Wargaming.
Halloween can ever reach the season with an event starting October 19th. Courtesy of Wargaming.

The new Steel Redeemer campaign is coming [to World Of Warships: Legends] with the Tier VI destroyer Benham as the final reward. This little ship is armed to the teeth with torpedoes, carrying eight per side for a total of sixteen! Such a heavy torpedo armament is unusual for a US Navy destroyer, but players will have to use them in epic ambushes, thanks to their short range. Benham was known primarily for her service during the Battle of Midway, when she rescued hundreds of sailors from the sinking USS Yorktown and USS Hammann. To unlock this ship, players have to complete 80 milestones of the Steel Redeemer campaign over the next 5 weeks with Admiralty Backing–however, some daring Captains can shave a week off of that time if they can complete the campaign's Hardmode missions!

The entire Russian destroyer tech tree is getting a series of improvements this update to make them more approachable for players. Most notably, they will have their gun range and maneuverability improved across the board to suit their high-speed gunboat playstyle. Altogether, the Russian destroyers should be able to pump out a bit more damage and stay in the fight longer!

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