Apparently, The Undertaker Believes The WWE Ring Offers Laundry Service (Wrestlemania Spoilers)

This isn't your hotel, Taker!

The following article contains spoilers for the main event of Wrestlemania 33.


As predicted, Roman Reigns defeated The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33 tonight, proving that the WWE ring is no longer The Undertaker's yard, and that Roman is the real Phenom of the WWE, Big Dog. He looked strong.

Oops. Wrong tweet. We meant:

After the match, and after WWE turned the crowd mics back up, The Undertaker sat up in the ring and donned his coat and hat. He started to exit, then thought twice. Then, the Undertaker removed his gloves and laid them in the middle of the ring.

Then he removed his leather coat, folded it neatly, and laid it in the ring as well. A moment later, he removed his hat and laid that in the ring, on top of the coat, on top of the gloves.

As the crowd chanted "thank you Taker," The Dead Man walked slowly up the ramp, stopped, raised his arms, and descended into the smoke. The lights went out in the arena, and the Undertaker's trademark gong sounded three times. And then the show ended, and The Undertaker was gone.

It can only mean one thing: The Undertaker apparently believes that the middle of the WWE ring offers laundry service, and he needed his gloves, coat, and hat cleaned.

We hope he realizes there is probably a ridiculous surcharge for leather items.

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