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Justice League: Aquaman Jason Momoa Posts Support For Ray Fisher

The ongoing fight between Justice League actor Ray Fisher and Warner Bros. has a new participant today. Aquaman star Jason Momoa, who co-starred with the actor in the reviled 2017 film, posted his support for the Cyborg actor. On his Instagram account, in his stories he reposted an image of Fisher onstage at SDCC wearing an "I Love Zack Snyder" shirt, using the hashtag #IStandWithRayFisher as a caption. This all stems from Ray Fisher's social media posts from July where he publicly called out director Joss Whedon. "On-set treatment of the cast and crew of Justice League was gross, abusive, unprofessional and completely unacceptable. He was enabled, in many ways, by Geoff Johns and Jon Berg. Accountability>Entertainment."

Ray Fisher Vs Warner Bros. Is Not Going Away

Here is WarnerMedia's statement from over the weekend about the Ray Fisher investigation: "In July, Ray Fisher's representatives asked DC Films President Walter Hamada to talk to Mr. Fisher about his concerns during the production of Justice League. The two had previously spoken when Mr. Hamada asked him to reprise his role as Cyborg in Warner Bros.' upcoming Flash movie, together with other members of the Justice League.

"In their July conversation, Mr. Fisher recounted disagreements he'd had with the film's creative team regarding his portrayal of Cyborg, and complained that his suggested script revisions were not adopted. Mr. Hamada explained that creative differences are a normal part of the production process and that a film's writer/director ultimately has to be in charge of these matters.

Justice League: Aquaman Jason Momoa Posts Support For Ray Fisher
Ray Fisher as Cyborg. Credit Warner Bros.

"Notably, Mr. Hamada also told Mr. Fisher that he would elevate his concerns to WarnerMedia so they could conduct an investigation. At no time did Mr. Hamada ever "throw anyone under the bus," as Mr. Fisher has falsely claimed, or render any judgments about the Justice League production, in which Mr. Hamada had no involvement since filming occurred before Mr. Hamada was elevated to his current position.

" While Mr. Fisher never alleged any actionable misconduct against him, WarnerMedia nonetheless initiated an investigation into the concerns he'd raised about his character's portrayal. Still not satisfied, Mr. Fisher insisted that WarnerMedia hire an independent third-party investigator.

"This investigator has attempted multiple times to meet with Mr. Fisher to discuss his concerns but, to date, Mr. Fisher has declined to speak to the investigator. Warner Bros. remains committed to accountability and to the well-being of every cast and crew member on each of its productions. It also remains committed to investigating any specific and credible allegation of misconduct, which thus far Mr. Fisher has failed to provide."

And Ray Fisher's response:

"It's also worth noting that I made it clear to the world on Aug 21st that I would be vetting the investigator to ensure a fair and protected process for all witnesses.

@wbpictures has escalated this to an entirely different level, but I'm ready to meet the challenge."

Ray Fisher Responds to the Warner Bros. Statement

None of this is going anywhere anytime soon, but now that one of his co-stars has gotten involved, will there be repercussions for Momoa as well? Time will tell, as this gets uglier and uglier.

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