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Cover image for Aquaman and The Flash: Voidsong #1
The titular Aquaman and Flash must save Earth from becoming lunch for aliens in Aquaman and The Flash: Voidsong #1 Check out the preview below. AQUAMAN AND THE FLASH: VOIDSONG #1 DC Comics 0422DC053 0422DC054 – Aquaman and The Flash: Voidsong #1 Cover – $6.99 (W) Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly (A) Vasco Georgiev (CA) Jay Anacleto They descend suddenly from the[...]
Hardly Any Aquaman in Andromeda Book One - Just Like Dark Knight
Sometimes, when creating a classic using known IP, you want to hold off just a little while to build the tension.   So when Aquaman is hardly in Aquaman Andromeda, this may be the reason They'll be saving it all up for Book Two Or Book Three. A very beautiful book, never has the ocean, above or below,[...]
Cover image for Aquaman: Andromeda #1
Breaking with the tradition of every Black Label comic starring Batman, Aquaman: Andromeda #1 gives someone else a shot Will this crazy idea work? There's only one way to find out Check out the preview below. AQUAMAN: ANDROMEDA #1 DC Comics 0322DC040 0322DC041 – Aquaman: Andromeda #1 Bryan Hitch Cover – $6.99 (W) Ram V (A/CA) Christian Ward Deep in the[...]
Aquaman Andromeda
Duncan McAlpine interviewed Christian Ward at MCM London Comic Con solo today, though Christian's compatriot on Aquaman Andromeda Ram V was sadly at home with the coronavirus But it definitely gave Christian the chance to speak, espeically on his new Aquaman project, a character of which Duncan McAlpine is a longtime fan. Christian Ward talked about[...]
Aquaman Andromeda Will Get Multiple Eisner Nominations Next Year
And secondly I thought, oh in that case, Aquaman Andromeda is bound to get Eisner nominations next year too. Writer Ram V and artist Christian Ward are both attending this weekend's MCM London Comic Con and I am hoping that they may be bringing some of it Bleeding Cool understands that the first book is full[...]
teen titans go
So when we hear that a special episode is hitting this weekend centering on Aquaman, not only are we absolutely there (since it's before our bedtime) but we want to make sure you know about it, too So in "Finding Aquaman," our Titans head out on a wild search and rescue mission as they search[...]
Cover image for Aquaman/Green Arrow: Deep Target #7
Will Aquaman allow the entire universe to be reshaped just because he misses his mommy in this preview of Aquaman/Green Arrow: Deep Target #7?! Check out the preview below. AQUAMAN/GREEN ARROW: DEEP TARGET #7 DC Comics 0222DC072 0222DC073 – Aquaman/Green Arrow: Deep Target #7 Rahzzah Cover – $4.99 (W) Brandon Thomas (A) Ronan Cliquet (CA) Marco Santucci This is it! Everything[...]
Cover image for Aquamen #3
Aquaman's secrets are coming back to haunt him in this preview of Aquamen #3, in stores on Tuesday And rather than stay home and deal with it, he's off galavanting with Black Manta of all people! Check out the preview below. AQUAMEN #3 DC Comics 0222DC074 0222DC075 – Aquamen #3 Mico Suayan Cover – $4.99 0222DC820 – Aquamen #3 Fico[...]
DC To Cancel Aquamen In June 2022
Originally under former DC publisher and upcoming Frank Miller publisher Dan DiDio's plan, it would have just been Jackson Hyde as the new Aquaman of the DC Universe, but things changed Bleeding Cool noted previously how orders crashed with the second issue, and not even a hastily-arranged 30% overship with a free Jim Lee variant[...]
Dark Crisis Superman by Tom King and Chris Burnham
While Brandon Thomas, Chuck Brown and Fico Ossio do the same in a back-up strip for Aquaman Poor Aquaman, has to share his main title with another Aquaman and si now relegated to a backup strip. Pariah The Great Darkness A World of Dreams Hope. Following the tragic events in Justice League #75 by Joshua Williamson and Rafa[...]
Superman Son Of Kal-El #8 Review: Too Similar
Two similarities? Merely coincidence, right? Then there's a team-up — Jackson Hyde, the tyro hero called Aquaman following in Arthur Curry's footsteps, is on hand to face off against The Gamorra Corps (seriously), people gifted with synthetic superpowers by Bendix sent to show up the second Man of Steel Their very high mortality rate in the[...]
Okay, now with that out of the way… we all know about the surprise cameo in the season finale, with the Justice League showing up just in time for Ezra Miller's Barry Allen aka The Flash joining in with Cena's Christopher Smith aka Peacemaker in busting Jason Mamoa's Aquaman's gills about all of those "sex with[...]