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Though, there are still a few films in the works that will likely be loosely connected, if at all, including the Blue Beetle and the upcoming Aquaman sequel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom So how has the revamped game plan for DC altered the course of the Aquaman franchise ahead of its 2023 release? JUSTICE LEAGUE[...]
What Future For Aquaman In The Dawn Of DC?
With the Aquaman 2 movie coming up, there must be room for an Aquaman title among the publishing line, presumably… but what tea leaves can we divine from? About Tempest's appearance in Titans #1, replying to the Aquaverse account, one fan Jim Costello tweeted "Was it me or was Garth a bit of dick to Nightwing[...]
Zack Snyder's Justice League Aquaman MAFEX Makes a Splash
One of which is with Aquaman as the Trench has risen from the depths with a new look, but can they be trusted? The fun with Aquaman does not end there, as Medicom has a new MAFEX figure heading our way with Zack Snyder's Justice League No.209 release Jason Momoa is back as the King[...]
Bring Home A Replica Black Manta Helmet with Factory Entertainment 
This one comes from the world of DC Comics, specifically with the Black Manta from the live-action Aquaman film Coming in at only 250 pieces, the Factory Entertainment team brings the aquatic villain's helmet to life The helmet used in the film was physical and digital, so this model is something original that fans can[...]
Aquaman Makes a Splash with New McFarlane Toys Page Puncher Debut 
Aqualad joins Aquaman to take on his father, Black Manta, as he brings the fight to Atlantis This figure is nicely sculpted and features a more modern take on the popular DC Comics character Aqualad will come with two water swords, a display base and will get his own variant comic for the Page Puncher[...]
Aquaman Makes a Splash with New McFarlane Toys Page Puncher Debut 
This new set of 7" scale figures is all based around the King of Atlantis, Aquaman The set will consist of four figures, one of which is a brand new non-Gold Label release of Orm, aka Ocean Master! This new figure is beautifully crafted and will come with a brand new and original Aquaman comic[...]
Aquaman Makes a Splash with New McFarlane Toys Page Puncher Debut 
The new wave of Page Punchers Aquaman figures has finally been revealed, showcasing a mighty fight for the deep Aquatic heroes and villains are arriving, including a long awaited and fan-favorite villain; Black Manta! Aquaman's deadly nemesis has finally joined McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse line with impressive detail Whether you have a hatred for the[...]
Aquaman Makes a Splash with New McFarlane Toys Page Puncher Debut 
The King of Atlantis has returned to McFarlane Toys as the recently teased Page Punchers Aquaman wave has arrived The Page Puncher line is a set of DC Multiverse figures that come with a companion and original DC Comics comic book Unlike previous waves, it looks like this set of figures will all have a[...]
McFarlane Toys Announces New Aquaman Page Puncher Figure Wave
However, McFarlane Toys is making a splash with this next set with Aquaman! A single teaser image has been released featuring two heroes and two villains, which features: #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 100%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Credit: McFarlane Toys That is right, this set[...]
Dawn of DC Plans For Aquaman In 2023 (Lazarus Planet Spoilers)
The Trench is the name for an underwater race of humanoids created by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis for the 2011 Ne252 reboot of Aquaman Vicious, zombie-like monsters, initially their only motivation seen was to feed, but its later revealed they have a society and gather food for their royal children, without caring who they[...]
Discovery/DC Comics Their issue is with the very idea of Momoa continuing to portray Aquaman if he also gets to portray Lobo on the big or small screen, a rumor that's been building over the past few weeks (and even fueled a bit by Momoa in the past) So since everyone else feels like they have[...]
"I'll always be Aquaman Ain't anyone coming in there and taking shit There might be some other characters, too I can play other things, too I can be funny and savage and charming," Momoa added on the topic. JUSTICE LEAGUE – Official Heroes Trailer — Pictured: Aquaman (screen grab) CR: Warner Bros Pictures Here's a look at[...]
Who Has A Place At The New DC Table? New Rumblings Emerge
"Aquaman," "Shazam!," "Blue Beetle," and Gunn's "Peacemaker" series for HBO Max all could have a place at the table." All of these stories are connected to the original run of stories that were initially developed by Zack Snyder and a line of storytelling that they are clearly moving away from That is why movies like the[...]
DC Cancels Aquaman: Andromeda & Shazam Power of Hope Hardcover Orders
DC Comics has decided to cancel all retailer and comic store orders for two such titles, the Aquaman: Andromeda hardcover and the Shazam! Power Of Hope hardcovers, both due to have been printed and published before the upcoming cinematic presentations, will now be resolicited at a later date, and existing orders will be cancelled The[...]
McFarlane Kicks Off DC Comics Flashpoint BAF Wave with Aquaman 
Aquaman is kicking off this new McFarlane Toys BAF featuring his Flashpoint designs, and an intense battle cry head sculpt Uniting all four figures will build Cyborg from the Flashpoint universe, and Aquaman is the starting point I can assume Wonder Woman is another figure and maybe a weakened Superman I'm curious to see the[...]
Justice Society Of America New Golden Age DC Comics
Use this tag to keep up with details on them as they roll out on Bleeding Cool over the weekend. So we have Golden Age Mister Miracle, Betsy Ross, Molly Pitcher, Golden Age Legionnaire, Ladybug, Quiz Kid, Salem The Witch Girl, Golden Age Aquaman, Cherry Bomb, The Harlequin's Son, John Henry Jr, Judy Garrick and The Golden Age Red Lantern. A series of familiar[...]
Geoff Johns Is Returning To Aquaman, But It's Not How You Thiiiink
Aquaman time! In Flashpoint Beyond #6, we learned that the Time Masters were to return the Thirteen – DC Comics characters we had never heard of before, to their rightful times and places, and that reality would rewrite itself back around them One of them was The Golden Age Aquaman Well, it looks like he[...]
Aquaman Makes a Splash with New DC Comics Tweeterhead Maquette
Aquaman is ready to show your collection what he is truly made up with this impressive, highly detailed statue coming in at 20" tall Arthur Curry is featured in his iconic and classic orange and green superset as he launches himself forward on an ocean wave base Tweeterhead is also capturing our hero in a[...]
Some of the titles that stick out include Aquaman: King of Atlantis, Close Enough, Infinity Train, OK K.O.! – Let's Be Heroes, Tig n' Seek, Uncle Grandpa, Victor and Valentino, and many more "As we work toward bringing our content catalogs together under one platform, we will be making changes to the content offering available[...]
Interior preview page from Aquaman: Andromeda #2
The disease of addiction will soon be the least of the crew of the Andromeda's troubles in this preview of Aquaman: Andromeda #2 So just take the drink Who's gonna know? Check out the preview below. AQUAMAN: ANDROMEDA #2 DC Comics 0522DC076 0522DC077 – Aquaman: Andromeda #2 Doug Braithwaite Cover – $6.99 (W) Ram V (A/CA) Christian Ward When an underwater[...]
Cover image for Aquaman and The Flash: Voidsong #2
Despite promises, it looks like Aquaman won't have to stab Flash in the @#$% after all in this preview of Aquaman and The Flash: Voidsong #2 Check out the preview below. AQUAMAN AND THE FLASH: VOIDSONG #2 DC Comics 0522DC074 0522DC075 – Aquaman and The Flash: Voidsong #2 Cover – $6.99 (W) Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly (A) Vasco Georgiev (CA)[...]
DC Comics Ocean Master Rules the Seven Seas with McFarlane Toys 
Move over Aquaman, the newest ruler of Seven Seas, has arrived with his brother Orm, aka Ocean Master Continue to build your Legion of Villains as Ocean Master is here and featuring his design from the DC Comics New 52 comic run The Aquaman villain is loaded with impressive detail and will come with his[...]
Cover image for Aquaman and The Flash: Voidsong #1
The titular Aquaman and Flash must save Earth from becoming lunch for aliens in Aquaman and The Flash: Voidsong #1 Check out the preview below. AQUAMAN AND THE FLASH: VOIDSONG #1 DC Comics 0422DC053 0422DC054 – Aquaman and The Flash: Voidsong #1 Cover – $6.99 (W) Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly (A) Vasco Georgiev (CA) Jay Anacleto They descend suddenly from the[...]
Hardly Any Aquaman in Andromeda Book One - Just Like Dark Knight
Sometimes, when creating a classic using known IP, you want to hold off just a little while to build the tension.   So when Aquaman is hardly in Aquaman Andromeda, this may be the reason They'll be saving it all up for Book Two Or Book Three. A very beautiful book, never has the ocean, above or below,[...]
Cover image for Aquaman: Andromeda #1
Breaking with the tradition of every Black Label comic starring Batman, Aquaman: Andromeda #1 gives someone else a shot Will this crazy idea work? There's only one way to find out Check out the preview below. AQUAMAN: ANDROMEDA #1 DC Comics 0322DC040 0322DC041 – Aquaman: Andromeda #1 Bryan Hitch Cover – $6.99 (W) Ram V (A/CA) Christian Ward Deep in the[...]
Aquaman Andromeda
Duncan McAlpine interviewed Christian Ward at MCM London Comic Con solo today, though Christian's compatriot on Aquaman Andromeda Ram V was sadly at home with the coronavirus But it definitely gave Christian the chance to speak, espeically on his new Aquaman project, a character of which Duncan McAlpine is a longtime fan. Christian Ward talked about[...]
Aquaman Andromeda Will Get Multiple Eisner Nominations Next Year
And secondly I thought, oh in that case, Aquaman Andromeda is bound to get Eisner nominations next year too. Writer Ram V and artist Christian Ward are both attending this weekend's MCM London Comic Con and I am hoping that they may be bringing some of it Bleeding Cool understands that the first book is full[...]