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Robson Rocha Has Died From Coronavirus, RIP
So young and early… My condolences to his family, his loved ones and all his fans" and many other comic creators across the world followed suit. Robson Rocha's Aquaman Robson Rocha had been working for DC Comics over the last ten years, including on Lobo, Sinestro, Birds of Prey, Superboy, Batman/Superman, Earth 2, Supergirl, Green Lanterns and[...]
Aquaman & Green Arrow Team Up In Deep Target #1 From DC in October
Aquaman and Green Arrow Two DC Comics characters without an ongoing series So why not put them together in the same book and team them up? That's what Brandon Thomas is doing, tweeting out the news, saying "NEW PROJECT FROM @DCCOMICS! Arthur Curry & Oliver Queen team up (and throw down) in Deep Target, a[...]
Auto Draft
Dolphin would go on to become a character in the Aquaman titles, becoming an ally to the underwater hero and even marrying Aqualad Fans of Dolphin and her Aquaman appearances can now bid for the chance to own her very first appearance. Showcase #79 Dolphin (DC, 1968) Credit: Heritage Auctions Heritage Auctions Listing: Showcase #79 Dolphin (DC, 1968) Condition:[...]
Art Preview Of Aquaman
Aquaman: The Becoming is the new series published by DC Comics in September that will see Jackson Hyde, known as Aqualad, become the new Aquaman of the DC Universe Written by Brandon Thomas and drawn by Diego Olortegui and Wade Von Grawbadger, and coloured by Adriano Lucas, Bleeding Cool has a first look at Diego Olortegui's[...]
Black Manta, New 6-Issue Series by Chuck Brown and Valentine De Landro
Black Manta time! At the end of May, Bleeding Cool ran an article looking at rumours that Aquaman would have two new mini-series debuting in September from DC Comics, with the respective creative teams having work appear in the Aquaman 80th Anniversary Special that would precede them Bleeding Cool reported gossip that Chuck Brown or Brandon Thomas was on[...]
Jackson Hyde To Be The New Aquaman, And More From 5G
The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed one of a couple of new Aquaman projects that Bleeding Cool mentioned the other week We stated that "there's gossip that Chuck Brown or Brandon Thomas are on Black Manta or an Aqualad mini-series" and now, September will see the launch of a six-issue mini-series Aquaman: The Becoming, a new comic book series by[...]
DC to Launch New Aquaman Comic Alongside Aquaman 2 Movie
Our good friends at the Aquaman Universe twitter feed, who have a direct feed into all things Aqua, put out the word of two new Aquaman mini-series launching in September, after August's 80th Anniversary Special "Past, present and future: 80 years after his introduction in 1941, Aquaman and co will have 2 new mini-series debuting[...]
DC to Launch New Aquaman Comic Alongside Aquaman 2 Movie
Back in March, Bleeding Cool reported that we understood Josh Williamson was planning to write the Aquaman series after Kelly Sue DeConnick's run on the series but as the new architect of the DC Universe, decided that the timing wasn't right and he was a bit overloaded I am however told to expect a new Aquaman book[...]
Aquaman Rises to The Surface With New Iron Studios Statue
Aquaman is back, but this time he is featuring his 90's comic run appearance With longer hair, beard, hook hand, and shirtless costume design, this bad boy is ready to kick ass and take names Iron Studios also brings the Kraken up from the depths assisting Aquaman on his journey The statue stands10.2 inches tall[...]
Adventure Comics #260 interior page featuring Aquaman, script by Robert Bernstein, art by Ramona Fradon, DC Comics 1959.
Aquaman's Silver Age reboot in that issue has been overlooked among these others, but that's starting to change There's an Adventure Comics #260 CGC VF+ 8.5 Cream to off-white pages available in this week's 2021 May 16-17 Sunday & Monday Comics, Animation & Art Weekly Online Auction #122120 from Heritage Auctions. Adventure Comics #260 interior page[...]
More Fun Comics #73 - First Aquaman and Green Arrow - Up For Auction
Fate, and the first comics work of Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. More Fun Comics #73 But this one has the first Oliver Quinn Green Arrow, Arthur Curry Aquaman, and – why not throw it in there – Roy Harper, Speedy, the Green Arrow sidekick who would become Arsenal and Red Arrow decades later[...]
Pilou Asbaek Reportedly in Talks to Join Aquaman 2
The DC Universe is currently heading into an absolutely insane 2021 when it comes to production. The Batman just finished shooting last month, Black Adam just started production, The Flash is going to start any day now, Shazam: Fury of the Gods is reportedly starting next month, and Aquaman 2 is getting ready to start as well. Aquaman is sort of[...]
Jeff Parker Returns To Aquaman At DC Comics For A Drop
Jeff Parker wrote the Aquaman series from DC Comics from issue #26-40 as well as Annual #2 back in 2014 and 2015, before he was replaced by Cullen Bunn and the series then relaunched for DC Rebirth But we hear he is returning to the character in 2021 – though not for a new series. Jeff[...]
More Fun #73, first appearance of Green Arrow and Aquaman, DC Comics 1941.
The November 1941 cover-dated release from DC Comics contains the first appearances of both Aquaman and Green Arrow.  The story "Case of the Namesake Murders" in this issue written by Mort Weisinger and drawn by George Papp features the introduction of Green Arrow and his sidekick Speedy, and the story "The Submarine Strikes" written by[...]
Superman #1 CGC 3.0, Summer 1939 DC Comics.
As we mentioned in a recent post about the $250,000 sale of a Daredevil #1 CGC 9.8, 2021 has been a banner year for the vintage comics market in the early going, and ComicConnect has recently booked a number of other noteworthy sales of key issues including Batman #1, More Fun Comics #73, (the first[...]