ARK: Survival Evolved Brings Dinosaurs And Survival Games Together

There have been a few stabs at dinosaur survival games in the past, but not too many of them have gone super well. The Stomping Lands turned out to be an early access disaster and theHunter: Primal has just never really taken off in my opinion.

Well a new challenger has stepped up to the plate to give the genre another chance and reach the potential we all know is there. ARK: Survival Evolved comes from Studio Wildcard and it will strand players on an island, with no supplies. The players will then have to figure out how to survive a Dinosaur landscape. On top of that, player's will then be able to tame certain Dinosaurs to do their bidding and build fortresses to dominate their world.

Here is a pretty stunning trailer of it in action.


Oh yeah, and it has dragons in it too.

The game is going to hit Steam Early Access on June 2nd, but is slated for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases once the game finally reaches a full launch.