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Studio Wildcard Reveals ARK: Survival Ascended
Studio Wildcard revealed their latest entry in the ARK series today as players will be seeing ARK: Survival Ascended this Summer Technically, this isn't something new; its something repackaged to look and feel brand new, as it is a next-generation remaster of ARK: Survival Evolved The news came with the confirmation that ARK II has[...]
ARK: Extinction Receives April Release Date For Switch
Studio Wildcard, along with development partner Grove Street Games, are continuing their roadmap for the Switch version of the game to slowly but steadily release all of the DLC that PC and other console players have already had access to Rather than push everything in a lump sum onto the Switch version, they have periodically[...]
ARK: Dinosaur Discovery Adds New Map In Latest Update
Studio Wildcard, along with development partner Grove Street Games, has released a new update for ARK: Dinosaur Discovery The update comes to the Nintendo Switch exclusive title, giving players a few new things to do in what is essentially a much more simplified version of the main franchise First off, you're getting a brand new[...]
ARK: Ragnarok DLC Will Be Released On Switch On February 7th
Studio Wildcard has ported the content over to the console after having it released for other editions on the rest of the platforms, bringing players an entirely new map that is massive with tons of areas to explore and lots of content to find You will be able to explore over 100 square kilometers of[...]
ARK: Survival Evolved Releases New Winter Wonderland 2022 Update
Studio Wildcard has released a new update for ARK: Survival Evolved as players can get into the holiday spirit with their winter event As you might have suspected from the name itself, you're basically getting Christmas in a world of dinosaurs There's no better way to put it because talking about how it makes any[...]
ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition Comes To Switch This November
Studio Wildcard announced this week that they will be releasing ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition for the Nintendo Switch next month The team has been busy putting together this version of the game that will run all of the content released for the game in one package, complete with updates to help it operate on the[...]
ARK: Survival Evolved
Studio Wildcard has launched a new event into ARK: Survival Evolved as players can experience the 2021 version of the Turkey Trial If you've never played this one, it doesn't take a ton to explain as this is their annual Thanksgiving event that will run for a couple of weeks and give you fun things[...]
ARK: Survival Evolved Launches Its 2021 Summer Bash
Studio Wildcard has officially launched their 2021 Summer Bash into ARK: Survival Evolved with a lot of silly goodies to enjoy Starting today and running all the way until July 14th, the game will have a ton of silly but fun activities for you to hum in on, including being able to go on the[...]
ARK: Genesis Part 2
Studio Wildcard has officially launched the final chapter to ARK: Survival Evolved as players can now get Genesis Part 2 This expansion pack is essentially a final content addition that will give you everything the team has left to make the game pop and bring about a proper conclusion to the game before they move[...]
David Tennant & Madeleine Maddie Will Be In ARK: Genesis II
Studio Wildcard revealed some fun news as a couple of well-known actors will be voicing characters for ARK: Genesis Part 2 The latest addition to ARK: Survival Evolved, the company teased the content with a brand new trailer, which you can check out below In the opening moments, you get to see a number of[...]
ARK: Survival Evolved Launches Their Fourth "Fear Evolved" Event
Studio Wildcard has released their Halloween event into ARK: Survival Evolved as players can now experience the fourth annual Fear Evolved Fans of the previous events will be familiar with some of the activities you can experience as the DodoRex and DodoWyvern return to the ark to strike fear into the hearts of Survivors The[...]
Studio Wildcard Announces "ARK: Genesis" Releasing On February 25th
It's been six months since we heard any news about ARK: Genesis from Studio Wildcard, but this week we finally got a release date The developers revealed the game will be released next month on February 25th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One The content is basically a massive expansion pack for ARK: Survival Evolved,[...]
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The main game, as of this post, is currently on a special sale of 65% off to get more players into the game. credit//Studio Wildcard Genesis will continue the quest for survival, delivering two huge expansion packs which further the ARK storyline while adventuring through unique and diverse biomes via an all new mission-based game mechanic[...]
"ARK: Survival Evolved" Getting A New Valguero Map On Consoles
Studio Wildcard will be adding a new mak to ARK: Survival Evolved this week as you'll be exploring a new land they're simply calling "Valguero" The last update for the game came four months ago with the Homestead additions, but this is a totally new beast as you're getting tons of space with different terrains[...]
Ark: Survival Evolved Receives a New Homestead Update
Studio Wildcard has officially released a new update to Ark: Survival Evolved as the Homestead content has been added to the game this week What does Homestead actually bring to the game? You get to play super lavish architect and build great palaces for you to live in, or a base for you to take up[...]
ATLAS Extended-Length Gameplay Trailer
In a post on the game's Steam page this past week, Studio Wildcard came out and said that they were humbled by the experience and that their servers basically got overwhelmed by the influx of players until they were able to fine-tune the system It's kinda cool to hear them accept that they weren't ready[...]
Atlas: A Mythological Pirate MMO by the Creators of ARK Survival Evolved
If dinosaurs in your first-person survival MMO doesn't float your frigate, why don't you try commanding your own armada, while dominating the world and fighting for your life against a Hydra! Studio Wildcard is at it again, bringing a massive open world to be conquered Not only will the Atlas maps be 1,200 times the size[...]
Ark: Survival Evolved
Studio Wildcard announced that Ark: Survival Evolved hit it's highest player peak over the weekend on Steam. Ark: Survival Evolved remains ever popular The game became an overnight hit when it launched in early access a few years ago, and after a long period of development, had another surge of popularity when the official release came last[...]
ARK: Survival Evolved on Nintendo Switch, Coming November 30, 2018!
Studio Wildcard has announced the release date for their upcoming Nintendo Switch port of Ark: Survival Evolved. Ark: Survival Evolved has continued to chug along impressively throughout its life From its popular Early Access launch to full launch last year, it has kept a sizeable community Taming dinosaurs in a survival game is a strong pitch and[...]
It's been announced by Studio Wildcard that their flagship title Ark: Survival Evolved is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year. A short while ago, we got the announcement that Ark: Survival Evolved was coming to phones, causing quite a stir As someone with over a 500 hours in the game, I know the title can have[...]
ARK: Survival Evolved is Coming to iOS and Android
Studio Wildcard and War Drum Studios have joined forces to bring the ARK: Survival Evolved experience to mobile The iOS and Android port of the game was designed and developed by War Drum Studios, and is a free-to-play version of the game which is designed to give mobile gamers the full online survival experience from the[...]
It's not being developed by Studio Wildcard, the developers of the Ark, but instead Snail Games The game will see a lot of Ark's DNA passed down to it with crafting, taming, training and all those things you associate with the series, but it will see a fairly radical makeover and shift 100 creatures will[...]
Ark: Survival Evolved
Ark: Survival Evolved has now launched on Windows 10, which means the game is now part of Microsoft's Play Anywhere system. Studio Wildcard has unleashed the hostile world of Ark: Survival Evolved onto the Windows store, opening up a lot of features for Xbox One players If you are an owner of the game on consoles,[...]
Welcome To Bad Survival Skills: We Review 'ARK: Survival Evolved'
Finding a good game in the genre is getting more difficult, but I put those feelings aside as I jumped into ARK: Survival Evolved. credit//Studio Wildcard ARK: Survival Evolved puts you in the shoes of a custom created human in whatever vision you'd like You're dropped into the middle of a world filled with mostly dinosaurs, weird[...]
ARK: Survival Evolved Announces Launch Date, Season Pass, First Official Mod, And More At E3
Studio Wildcard, creators of the multi-million unit-selling dinosaur title ARK: Survival Evolved, along with distribution partner Solutions 2 GO Inc., announced today that the survival-adventure game is in final production and is set for retail and digital worldwide launch on August 8th for Xbox One PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Mac, and Linux The title is now available for[...]
ARK: Survival Evolved Has A New Update For Xbox One Players
The dino-obsessed development team at Studio Wildcard released a massive content update for the Xbox One versions of ARK: Survival Evolved Players that can't get enough of finding and taming new creatures will find five more beasts to track down on land, or in the water via the brand new motorboat With this update, 100 creatures[...]
Check Out The Latest Update For ARK: Survival Evolved
Studio Wildcard released a new update today for ARK: Survival Evolved that includes new hairstyles, 4 new creatures, and new tek content The tek content is supposed to add "more of the TEK Tier technology that was recently launched, including a complete set of TEK building structures, an impenetrable "TEK Forcefield" which can be dynamically[...]
Ark Developer Responds To Criticism Of Selling DLC For An Early Access Game
In a blog post, Studio Wildcard explained that Sorched Earth is part of the expansion program and that the developer wanted to do one before full release to help get it right Here is what they said on the matter in full: Put simply: we are absolutely committed to driving aggressive development towards a solid, feature-robust[...]