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The Three Best Horror Movies Of 2021

Horror had a great year in 2021, following a great year in 2020, and so on. This really is a new golden age of frights we are moving through right now, as indie horror and studio horror both impress. Many good ones were released in 2021, but I am only going to choose three for my favorites of the year. Why three? Because that is what I want to do that's why. Honorable mentions go to: A Quiet Place Part 2, Titane, Wrong Turn, Candyman, False Positive, Werewolves Within, The Night House, VHS 94, Gaia, and The Vigil.

Fear Street Trailer: Three Films To Spook Us On Netflix In July
Fear Street. Credit Netflix

Best of Horror For 2021: Fear Street Trilogy

The Fear Street Trilogy that was released on Netflix in July caught a lot of us off guard. Bringing the classic R.L. Stine books to life, while also exploring three different time periods was a genius idea, and the way director Leigh Janiak was able to weave a cohesive story through all three while giving each film its own due was very impressive. The standout here is Part Two: 1978, which features a brilliant performance by Sadie Sink, and one of the most heartbreaking endings to a horror film this year. The wildness that followed in Part Three: 1666 and preceded it in Part One: 1994 made this one of the best trilogies in recent memory. More, please!

There's Someone Inside Your House Trailer Drops, On Netflix Oct. 6th
Credit Netflix

Best Of Horror For 2021: There's Someone Inside Your House

Another Netflix horror entry, There's Someone Inside Your House is the slasher of the year, and has really stuck with me after watching it a few times. Brutal and clever, this throwback to the late 90's/early 2000's slasher films, the ensemble cast is all great, the 3D printing for the masks the killer wears is a neat set-up, and did I mention it is brutal? Sure, the twist of who the killer is can be seen coming from a mile away, but you are having so much fun watching, it doesn't matter. Can't wait to see more from director Patrick Brice.

The Three Best Horror Movies Of 2021
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Caption: ANNABELLE WALLIS as Madison in New Line Cinema, Starlight Media Inc. and My Entertainment Inc.'s original horror thriller MALIGNANT, an Atomic Monster production, a Warner Bros Pictures release.

Best In Horror For 2021: Malignant

I knew the second the credits rolled on Malignant that it would be my favorite horror film of the year. James Wan returns to horror with a film unrestrained and bonkers in both tone and execution. This is James Wan's love letter to 80's slashers and giallo. The story of a mother-to-be (Annabelle Wallis) who begins to experience murders by a killer named Gabriel, taking revenge on those who have wronged him. That is all you need to know if you have not seen it. From there, we are taken on a hell of a ride by Wan, which culminates in one of the craziest last 30 minutes to a film this year. I hope we don't have to wait much longer for Wan's next horror film.

Agree with the picks? Think I am way off base? Give us your horror picks for 2021 down below, or hit me up on Twitter to discuss!

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