Bill & Ted: Brigette Lundy-Paine, Samara Weaving Talk Their Journey

In Bill & Ted: Face the Music, the original duo, the Wyld Stallyns, played by Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, set on their own journey to various points of the future to find the song from their future selves to save their world. Their daughters' Billie Logan and Thea Preston, played by Brigette Lundy-Paine and Samara Weaving, go on their own journey, reminiscent of the first film Excellent Adventure (1989), to the past in their own search to assemble music's greatest "band" to play that once-in-a-lifetime song. Lundy-Paine and Weaving spoke with Collider in separate interviews about the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of bearers of the franchise.

Bill & Ted: Brigette Lundy-Paine, Samara Weaving Talk Their Journey
Brigette Lundy-Paine as Billie Logan and Samara Weaving as Thea Preston in Bill & Ted Face the Music (2020). Image courtesy of MGM/Orion Pictures

Lundy-Paine initially no idea what she was in for. "No, I really had no idea," she said. "I think I realized it fully when I was sitting in the park the other night, and I heard somebody say, 'Bill & Ted 3 is coming out.' I literally gasped and was about to be like, 'I'm in that!' And then, I held myself back. But no, I really wasn't prepared. It makes sense to me. I really relate to that franchise more than I have before. A franchise about friendship is something that I can really get behind, so it feels really natural." While Lundy-Paine likes to familiarize themself with a role, it wouldn't be until the actor got the part. "I really like doing research for a part when I have the job, but for an audition, I really like to be as blind as possible, so that it feels like the stakes are as low as they should be for any audition," the star said. "I had a great teacher in acting school that taught us, 'You will never get a part. Go into every audition, knowing that you will never, ever get cast. And then, if you do, it's a miracle.' So, I really carried that with me."

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Kristen Schaal as Kelly, Keanu Reeves as Ted "Theodore" Logan, and Alex Winter as Bill S. Preston in Bill & Ted Face the Music. Image courtesy of Orion Pictures
When Weaving got wind of the role, she made conscious decisions to be more distinctive than Winter's Bill. "I got an email for an audition, and I went down and played around," she said. "I watched the first two films. I knew that I was auditioning for Bill's daughter, so I took notes on Alex [Winter] 's physicality, but still tried to make different choices to make the character a stand-alone character rather than an impersonation. And then they brought me back, and Brigette was there, and we just played off of each other and mucked about a bit. It was pretty quick. And then, the next thing we knew, we were hanging out in New Orleans opposite Keanu [Reeves] and Alex." The actress said the films' messages resonated. "I just liked the world of Bill & Ted," she continued. "They're so optimistic. They don't freak out too much. They approach problems with curiosity and open-mindedness. I liked the innocence of the world. I felt that was really fun. It just doesn't take itself too seriously. It's so insane, the kind of things that they get themselves into. It was great just to be a part of one of their crazy adventures."

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Samara Weaving as Thea Preston and Brigette Lundy-Paine as Billie Logan in Bill & Ted Face the Music. Image courtesy of Orion Pictures

Lundy-Paine honed in on what Billie would sound like. "I knew that it was this really dudey California voice," the actor said. "That was what I based my understanding of it on." The scene to audition would be what the pair would be doing throughout the film: trying to recruit the musicians. "The scene that we had was Billie & Thea trying to get musician X in their band," Lundy-Paine continued. "It was very simple scene where they were trying to coax this musician into their band with Sour Patch Kids. They go up to this musician, and they're like, 'Dude, do you wanna be in our most excellent band?' And the musician is like, 'I don't even know who you are.' They have this candy, and they offer it to him, which really summed up the entire crux of the film, which is like two cartoon characters confronted with a problem and solving it immediately with a childlike response."

Weaving spoke fondly of her co-star, how they pair on set, and what they would do together while not shooting. "It was so great," she said. "They're wonderful. They're so funny and quirky, and just a gorgeous human being. Brigette and I really got along. That's important for films like this, where it really is about the friendship and the camaraderie. It would be a bit awkward if we didn't. We'd wander around New Orleans together. It was just a lot of fun. The real key to it was that, even though we were working really hard, we were having a really good time." On meeting and working with Reeves and Winter, Weaving complimented on how hard they worked despite the tremendous pressure on them to make the sequel work.

"I think it was in rehearsals, pretty early on," she recalled. "They were so wonderful and generous and kind with their time, and so passionate about making sure that the sequel worked. I can only assume the amount of pressure they were feeling to deliver on the third one, and they really set the standard of, 'Okay, let's try and make this thing the best thing we can.' They were just great leaders, and I'm so grateful to have had the pleasure of working with them." For more on Lundy-Paine and Weaving onset and their other projects, you can read the rest of their interviews on Collider. Bill & Ted Face the Music is currently in theatres and on-demand. Here are the first six minutes of the film.

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