Candyman Moves From October 2020 to Sometime in 2021

Another movie has vacated 2020, and at this point, no one should be surprised. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has pushed back almost all of the major releases for 2020 because movie theaters were either closed and when they finally opened last month, no one felt safe enough to actually go. Thus far, any of the movies that have opened since the lockdown haven't exactly bombed, but they haven't been making bank either. Today, Warner Bros. made the decision to push back Wonder Woman 1984 from its October 2nd release date to Christmas Day. For Warner Bros., the idea seemed to be that they wanted to give Tenet as much time and as little competition as possible to make back its significant budget. According to Deadline, Universal Pictures has decided to also pull one of their major releases from the schedule and delay it to 2021 with Candyman.

Candyman Moves From October 2020 to Sometime in 2021
The official poster for Candyman. Credit: Universal Pictures

The pseudo-sequel to the 1992 cult horror classic already had a lot of positive buzz behind it, but that buzz got even louder when it was announced that director Nia DaCosta would be directing Captain Marvel 2 for Marvel. It's pretty clear that the buzz for Candyman looks extremely positive, and new and old fans have embraced the trailer and short film about the movie that has been released. Unfortunately, it isn't really that surprising that Universal decided to push the film back again. Everyone is bracing for the flu season on top of COVID-19 to make the fall and winter very bad. If people aren't comfortable going out to the theaters now, there is a pretty good chance that things aren't going to get better in a month or two. Universal has not announced a new release date for Candyman though sources say that Universal remains committed to releasing the movie into theaters and not PVOD.

Candyman, directed by Nia DaCosta and starring Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Colman Domingo, Teyonah Parris, and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett. It will open sometime in 2o21.

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