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PCS Collectibles Debuts A Sweet New Horror Statue with the Candyman
A legend has begun, as the cult classic horror film Candyman has returned with a brand new collectible PCS has unveiled a new 1:3 scale statue of the infamous 90s film that will stand 28" tall Tony Todd is back as the one true Candyman with an impressive sculpt that features his fur coat, a[...]
Candyman Getting A 4K Release Form Shout Factory On May 24th
Candyman, the original 1992 classic starring Tony Todd and Virginia Madsen, is getting a new 4K Blu-ray release from Scream Factory on May 24th There will be a giant amount of content on the disc, highlighted by a new interview with Vanessa Williams and Tony Todd The new transfer will feature a Dolby Atmos track[...]
Giveaway: Win A Free 4K UHD Copy Of Candyman
Would you like to win a 4K UHD copy of the film Candyman from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment? All you need is a Twitter account We've been given the chance to give away a copy of the film, so if you haven't picked up a copy of the film yet, this is your chance What[...]
Candyman: New Images, Poster, & A Special Juneteenth Message
Candyman is now available across the board on Digital, 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD, with plenty of successes behind the horror icon's revival The film amassed a $77 million dollar theatrical run (and topping various VOD rental charts), with writer and director Nia DaCosta becoming the first Black woman to lead a #1 film[...]
Candyman Drops On 4K Blu-ray On November 16th
Candyman will terrorize your 4K Blu-ray collection this winter The much-delayed quasi-sequel to the 90's horror classic will come to 4k on November 16th This one is directed by Nia DaCosta and produced by Jordan Peele, and it has held up pretty well at the box office since opening over the summer Reviews were mixed,[...]
Chucky, Michael Myers & More Headline Shudder's Behind the Monsters
Sure, you've spent hours upon hours watching Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Candyman, Chucky, and Pinhead slice-n-dice their way across movie screens for decades But have you really ever tried to get to know them as people? With wants, desires & aspirations for a better tomorrow? Okay, maybe that's not what Shudder's new original[...]
Candyman Review: Beautiful Bloody Fun that Barely Misses the Mark
Times have changed when it comes to cinematic consumption, but despite obstacles, there's hope for the future via Candyman for discovering the balance of horror films being in theaters with a not-so-distant option to rent. After being one of the titles with a shifted release date (due to the pandemic), Candyman was one of the first[...]
Candyman 101: Everything You Need to Know About the 90's Films
Nia Dacosta's Candyman provided a necessary resurgence for modern horror sequels (because reboots are no longer needed), and of course, that means there's always a desire for callbacks to the original In the new Candyman, while not initially being the most overt sequel – it eventually plays out as a driven follow-up that's seeking to[...]
Candyman Review: Beautiful Bloody Fun that Barely Misses the Mark
After getting rave reviews and earning the love of horror fans of all ages, Nia DaCosta's Candyman is about to make his appearance via VOD, and we're very ready! Centering on urban legends, folklore, and terror, the original Candyman in 1992 became a cult-classic horror film that spawned a franchise of three chapters before going dormant[...]
Horror Fans Rejoice, Candyman Receives Funko Pop Vinyl Wave
Candyman is back with a brand new tale in the legacy of this iconic slasher film with Jordan Peele behind the new 2021 film The first Candyman film playing in 1992 and only kicked off one of the big slasher films of the 90s The series showed off a nice set of sequels as well,[...]
Candyman 101: Everything You Need to Know About the 90's Films
You don't need to have seen 1992's Candyman to enjoy Nia DaCosta's new take on the franchise; in fact, it might confuse you even more And you definitely don't need to see its sequels, which are actively bad But if you must know, we watched the bad movies, so you don't have to. Candyman Poster[...]
Candyman Review: Beautiful Bloody Fun that Barely Misses the Mark
You don't need to have seen 1992's Candyman to enjoy Nia DaCosta's reboot, co-written and produced by Jordan Peele In fact, in many ways, you're almost better off not having seen it (or it's terrible, nearly unwatchable sequels) since this version is built on a very different but adjacent engine. Candyman Poster Credit: Universal Pictures DaCosta presents[...]
Candyman Soundtrack Coming For Preorder From Waxwork Records
Candyman opens in theaters today, and Waxwork Records is putting the soundtrack to the film on vinyl, CD, and digital They have been teasing the release on their social media for a little bit now, and they have fully revealed the details Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe did the music for the film, and it is[...]
Candyman: Take A Look Inside The New Film, & Dare To Say His Name
Candyman arrives in theaters this week after being delayed for over a year due to the pandemic, and it almost feels like it was robbed of all of its momentum From the moment it was announced that Nia DaCosta and Jordan Peele were working together to bring the character back to the big screen, it[...]
Candyman Moves From October 2020 to Sometime in 2021
As Candyman gears up for his epic cinematic return decades after his first appearance, there's obviously going to be some expectations Now the stars of the upcoming film are opening up about why this property has been able to survive this long – and what makes it still feel relevant. The official poster for Candyman[...]
Candyman: Take A Look Inside The New Film, & Dare To Say His Name
Candyman releases in theaters next week, finally, and today the first official clip from the film is here This new film stars Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Teyonah Parris, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, and Colman Domingo and is directed by Nia DaCosta, with producer Jordan Peele To say that this film has been one of the most anticipated horror films of the[...]
Shudder Goes Behind The Monsters With Horror Icons In New Series
The six episodes will put the focus on six slasher icons: Chucky, Michael Myers, Pinhead, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, and Candyman Each episode is set to feature interviews with experts, the writers, directors, and actors from the original films that made each character a horror legend Additional experts and guests set to appear on the[...]
Candyman: Take A Look Inside The New Film, & Dare To Say His Name
Candyman is FINALLY releasing in a couple of weeks, fingers crossed, and a new featurette was revealed this morning going inside the new film "Candyman is the patron saint of urban legends," says producer Jordan Peele, and they seem to really be leaning into that with this new film, directed by Nia DaCosta DaCosta has[...]
Candyman: New Images, Poster, & A Special Juneteenth Message
Candyman, the pandemic delayed reimagining of the horror classic, is finally releasing on August 27th The "spiritual sequel," if you don't want to call it a reimagining, stars Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Colman Domingo, Teyonah Parris, and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett. The film is directed by Nia DaCosta and produced by Jordan Peele A special Juneteenth message from DaCosta, along with a[...]
'Candyman': Helen Lyle is Returning For New Film, Will Virginia Madsen?
Candyman will be the focus of a new documentary, properly titled The Complete History of Candyman Releasing this spring, the focus of the film will be on the original film series that ran from 1992 until 1999, with a look at the beginnings of the character from the short story "The Forbidden" by Clive Barker[...]
Candyman Moves From October 2020 to Sometime in 2021
Candyman, directed by Nia DaCosta and starring Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Colman Domingo, Teyonah Parris, and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, will open in theaters in 2021 now, after having its release date changed multiple times this year during the pandemic It is a shame, as this was one of the more anticipated horror events of 2020 No matter though, we will[...]
Candyman Moves From October 2020 to Sometime in 2021
According to Deadline, Universal Pictures has decided to also pull one of their major releases from the schedule and delay it to 2021 with Candyman. The official poster for Candyman Credit: Universal Pictures The pseudo-sequel to the 1992 cult horror classic already had a lot of positive buzz behind it, but that buzz got even louder when[...]
Masters of the Universe: Revelation
We're now two weeks later, and we can't shake this feeling that we might be getting a teaser of some type soon, even if it's only with 10-15 seconds of actual footage. Scareglow from Masters of the Universe (Image: Netflix) Heading over to Smith's Twitter account for an update, we found a nice exchange between Smith and[...]
Halloween Kills Delayed A Year, Forever Purge, More Delayed As Well
Moving to Halloween Kills original date of October 16th this year is Candyman, moving yet again It was initially slated to come out in June, then was moved to September 25th Finally, Blumhouse and Universal also announced that Forever Purge, the final film supposedly, moves to July 9th, 2021 Halloween Kills producer John Carpenter, and[...]
Candyman hits theaters in September.
Candyman director Nia DaCosta posted a chilling teaser for the film today on her Twitter page The short was made with puppets and uses the short to juxtapose the events of the movie with what is going on in the world today. "CANDYMAN, at the intersection of white violence and black pain, is about unwilling martyrs[...]
Candyman hits theaters in September.
Candyman was one of the most anticipated films of the summer before theater closures shifted its release to the fall The trailer is one of the most-watched of the year so far, and a big reason for that is the involvement of Get Out and Us director Jordan Peele Many even falsely believe that he[...]
Candyman - Official Trailer [HD]
Candyman will have to wit to be summoned, as the new update to the series produced by Jordan Peele has been delayed The film was supposed to release on June 12th, and will now release on September 25h This is one of the last dominoes to fall, and now it is hard to imagine that[...]
'Candyman': New Image of Yahya Abdul-Mateen II's Character
Candyman is slated to hit theaters in June (maybe), and when it does, the legend will be born anew Empire has an exclusive image of Yahya Aboul-Mateen II's character Anthony McCoy from the film He plays an artist who moves to the Cabrini-Green projects, years after the events of the original film Director Nia DaCosta[...]
Candyman hits theaters in September.
Fans of the 1992 Clive Barker original Candyman won't likely be disappointed by this 2020 spiritual sequel from Jordan Peele and director Nia DaCosta The 2020 film takes place in the same Chicago Cabrini-Green housing projects as in the 1992 original The difference in the 2020 film is the area undergoes gentrification DaCosta spoke with[...]