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Check Out The Trailer For Joe Quesada's New Short Film, Fly

The medium of shorts does not get nearly enough credit. The ideas formed in shorts sometimes bloom into feature-length productions or television shows. Sometimes, you just don't need much time to tell your story. It takes a lot of talent to make a short work because you don't have much time to waste, so everything has to be extremely deliberate. You need tight writing and storytelling to make it work. Former EIC and CCO of Marvel Comics Joe Quesada is looking to explore this underappreciated art form with Fly. He announced the short a few days ago, but today, he dropped a short trailer for the short. Quesada seems to indicate that he will be posting this somewhere once the festival season is over.

Fly Is Something Quesada Has Been "Dreaming Of For Years"

Quesada originally said on Twitter a few days ago: "FLY will be screening along with several other movies on Friday, January 6th at 5:00 pm. at the Towne Hub, 120 W Main St, American Fork, UT. There's a panel I'll be attending right afterward" while also adding "The UFF Audience Choice Awards are open. I'd be honored if you'd check "FLY" and "OTHER" right underneath and write in the following names. Lead Actress: Carlie Quesada, Cinematography: Ben Garst, Director: Joe Quesada, Music Score: Kyle Bruce Stevens. Yes, it's a bit odd to vote for movies you haven't seen yet (can't post them until after fest season) and kind of amounts to a "Who Has The Most Friends and Family Award." But I'd be honored if you took a shot on us. The team worked incredibly hard to make this short story happen. Oh, and stay tuned! As we speak, we're working on a short trailer that I hope to have up by tomorrow. Thanks again for all your love and support through the years. I have a ton of cool stuff that I'll be announcing in 2023! FLY is just the first."

Joe Quesada's New Movie, Fly, Will Premiere At Utah Film Festival
Official Poster for Fly.

Carlie Quesada also writes, "This has been a project that my father has been dreaming of for years. And I'm forever grateful that he allowed me, along with the talented cast and crew, to help make his dream a reality. I am so happy that I got to work with my family and dearest friends. I'm so excited to share this with everyone."

The official summary says: Seventeen-year-old Maria Carbonell loves to make up stories of extraordinary characters, astonishing adventures, and unimaginable worlds. Her latest story may be her most unexpected…Her own. Fly is written and directed by Joe Quesada and stars Carrie Quesada, Scott Irvine, Kenley Bozzuto, Emily Todd, and Angela Wang. Naci Quesada serves as a producer, Benjamin Garst is the cinematographer, and Kyle Bruce Stevens makes the music. You can get tickets for the short here.

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