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An Update on the Peter Pan Remake

We all know that Disney is in the process of remaking all of their animated movies into live action movies. There is a remake for Peter Pan on the way but we don't know that much about it. The producer of A Wrinkle in Time Jim Whitaker recently spoke to at a press event gave an update on the project.

"Still working on the script, honestly," Whitaker said. "But you know David Lowery's work. He worked on Peter Pan and I would say some of the tenets of his great work is a kind of grounded emotionality. And I think that's at least one part of what you can expect. But it'll be a big, rollicking adventure, too."

An Update on the Peter Pan Remake

For Whitaker it was important that this movie, like many of his movie previous movies including A Wrinkle in Time, deal with emotions and have people finding hope.

"A lot of [my movies] have to do with emotion," Whitaker said. "It's really about a character's journey and a lot of them has to do with hope. I like to do movies that ultimately have hope in them."

There is plenty of hope and optimism to go around in A Wrinkle in Time and Whitaker says a lot of that comes through because of director Ava DuVernay.

"The film, in terms of science fiction and fantasy, is a movie that has embedded messages in it that were really important to [Duvernay]," Whitaker adds. "A message of hope, a message of good versus evil. Messages of self actualization. And those were really important to her. But it's also a kids movie, and I think she really, really wanted to tell a story that was just for kids. And that was important to her."

There is currently not release date set for the Peter Pan remake but considering that they are still working on the script it's likely we won't see it until after 2020.

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