Chris McKay Assures Fans He is Not Leaving Nightwing

Yesterday it was announced that Chris McKay, the director of The LEGO Batman Movie, had entered negotiations to direct the Dungeons and Dragons movie for Paramount Pictures. That led to speculation about where his announced Nightwing movie might not be a priority for Warner Bros. The thing about Nightwing was a rumor, though, but then there was a confirmed shake-up at Warner Bros. yesterday as Joss Whedon left his Batgirl movie after citing story issues. We also found out that the two directors hired for Flashpoint haven't finalized their deal yet. The DC Extended Universe is shifting right now, and fans are wondering if Nightwing and McKay are going to get lost in the crowd.

Nightwing #24

McKay has been very vocal on Twitter as he works on the movie, answering fan questions and showing a lot of his process as this movie comes to be. After Whedon left and the Dungeons and Dragons story ran, a fan asked if McKay was leaving the production. It turns out he isn't, and that Warner Bros. is stuck with him.

This doesn't mean that the Nightwing movie is absolutely going to happen, though. If the last few days are anything to go by, the DC Extended Universe is in flux — and that is a bit of an understatement. However, McKay seems dedicated to the character and to the production, even if it hasn't gotten off the ground yet. It might not be a priority for Warner Bros., but it sounds like it is one for McKay, and that passion could help save this movie from oblivion.

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