Clerks III Director Kevin Smith Announces Near Production End

Kevin Smith is doing everything he can to recapture the magic of his 1994 original in his latest sequel Clerks III filming some sequences in black and white. Posting an update on Facebook on August 26, the director and Silent Bob actor just wrapped production writing, "How I Spent My Summer Vacation! They say that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Well, I never forgot #clerks, but I've still spent the last month repeating it. The Movie-In-Movie moments in #clerks3 have been the most fun to shoot, as the cast and crew painstakingly labor to recreate my cinematic past. Here, @briancohalloran and #jeffanderson discuss an obscure 70's sci-fi flick you've probably never heard of. Three more shooting days until we wrap Clerks III. It's been a blissful trip to the past in the Wayback Machine, but we're running out of script to shoot now – so the end is near. Took 7 years to get here, and now it's almost over. #KevinSmith #clerks #clerks3"

Clerks III Director Kevin Smith Announces Near Production End
Image courtesy of Kevin Smith / Lionsgate

The still shown is O'Halloran's Dante behind the counter with Anderson's Randall in front with Smith sharing a still from the 1994 film in their original poses. Not only are the two returning as in their signature roles, but Smith is also returning as Silent Bob along with his "life partner" Jason Mewes' Jay. Trevor Fehrman and Rosario Dawson, who played Mooby employees Elias and Becky from Clerks II (2006), also make their return for the third film. The story finds the four now working at the Quick Stop Groceries, which was the original setting for the 1994 film that burned down during the 2006 film before Jay and Silent Bob had the funds to rebuild it at its conclusion. Clerks III is slated for a 2022 release.

Clerks III: Lionsgate Releases First Look at Kevin Smith Sequel
Trevor Fehrman, Brian O'Halloran, Rosario Dawson, and Jeff Anderson in Clerks III. Image courtesy of Lionsgate

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