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The Nun II Director Explains the Lorraine and Irene Connection

The director of The Nun II is opening up about the choice to connect Sister Irene and Lorraine Warren in the recent horror sequel.

Article Summary

  • The Nun II explores a familial link between Lorraine and Sister Irene.
  • Director Michael Chaves delves into the characters' connection to St. Lucy.
  • Chaves emphasizes the theme of family throughout The Conjuring Universe.
  • The film is out for home viewing on digital, Blu-ray, and DVD formats.

After it was revealed that Lorraine Warren and Sister Irene were descendants of St. Lucy in The Nun II, it felt like a brand new door had been opened for the franchise that could explore other avenues. And considering that both are popular characters (who are also played by sisters), it was obviously a scenario that required plenty of planning. Now, the film's director is officially shedding light on the bold choice and everything that went into the bloodline revelation.

The Nun II Scares Up A Weekend Box Office Victory
© 2023 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. Photo Credit: Bruno Calvo. TAISSA FARMIGA as Sister Irene in New Line Cinema's horror thriller "The Nun II," a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

Connecting The Nun and The Conjuring Characters

During a conversation with Collider, director Michael Chaves admits that the connection was a long time coming, telling the site, "Yeah. I think it's something that, you know, fans already kind of had theories about it. It just seemed a little bit too perfect that two sisters were cast in the same series, and we needed a connection. I think in the original draft that I got from [Akela Cooper], it was in there, it was always in there, but it was more as an Easter egg, and I just thought that it needs to be bigger."

He continues, "Then I also just thought, I really think that it needs to land with some emotion. Then, that's where I started developing the mother story. The first Conjuring has the family theme. That's like the theme of the family, and once everybody's been saved. I think it really speaks to just the Warrens, I think it speaks to [how] all these movies in different ways deal with families in different forms. And so I just thought that Irene's connection to her mother, which was kind of like a throwaway line in the first Nun movie about, basically something to the effect of her dad thought her mom was crazy, I just thought that there's something there. "I think we gotta pull on that thread. We gotta pull on the Lorraine thread, and we gotta tie all that up." And I think it connected to people. I think that idea of connection to family really worked."

Now, let's just follow up with this idea during future chapters of The Conjuring Universe, yeah? The Nun II is available via digital as well as Blu-ray and DVD, now.

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