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Let's Talk About Mozart In The Jungle Season 4 Episode 9

I am still not ok after Mozart In the Jungle season 4 episode 8, "Ichi Go Ichi E". No, seriously, it messed me up in ways I didn't think possible this side of LOST or Battlestar Galactica.

After so long, loving and longing for these characters to find that they really do complete what the other needs, they go to a tea ceremony.  Sure, that doesn't sound terrible, until it GETS terrible and during some hallucinations (or true personal introspective meditation) Rodrigo (Gael Garcia Bernal) realizes he wants to make a family with Hailey (Lola Kirke) but she realizes she wants to break up.

The beautifully acted and staged sequence was devastatingly gentle though, and series creator Roman Coppola did a superb job directing it.  I'm still angry, though.

In s4e9 "I Want You To Think Of Me":

  • My heart is still broken. Ok fine- that's not IN the episode but it's how I feel
  • We're back in New York- Thomas (Malcolm McDowell) and Gloria (Bernadette Peters) are still fighting over premiering Hesby's (Bruce Davison) piece
  • Gloria takes the men on a walk from her office down to the stage, and the notably shaken Rodrigo is struggling to get the orchestra to 'play with the blood'
  • Rodrigo takes Arlan's (Raymond Lee) obo away (this is the guy who was picked for the open seat over Hailey) and tries to play it, but Gloria steps in and takes it away from him
  • Gloria breaks up with Thomas over the Hesby thing, tells him not to come home
  • Hailey and Lizzie (Hannah Dunne) are having a box wine sidewalk party, discussing how Hailey hasn't spoken to Rodrigo since the tea house
  • Arlan quits the orchestra, and tells Hailey she's the only sub Rodrigo will approve
  • She says she'll take over his position, Lizzy brings up the 'orbits', and Hailey says "there are no orbits anymore."
  • Back at the youth orchestra, Ricky (Luis Mendoza) has stepped up to keep his promise to Cynthia (Saffron Burrows), and does his best to help keep the wilder kids in line.
  • Warren (Joel Bernstein) is helping teach strings now, but one young girl starts crying with his criticisms.
  • "Violinists don't cry, Violists cry, do you want to be one of those?"
  • Cynthia tells Rodrigo she's in physical therapy for her wrist, and that it's not looking like she'll be able to play again
  • Gloria takes the Guggenheim job, and again has the most amazing shoes
  • Thomas finds Gloria and begs her to not take the job. "I come at you, and you come back at me, that's how this works!"
  • He convinces her that he needs her, that her opposing view on music and his is what's been helping innovate everything, and maybe now she's not going to take the job
  • Rodrigo starts giving his possessions away, and Morton Norton (Michael Emerson) comes to share absinthe with him
  • Norton calls in his traveling choir to visit the apartment, and the other musicians who live in the building are joining in too.
  • Freaking Joan Jett is there, and Rodrigo gives her a piece of his collection
  • Hailey returns to the apartment, to find an amazing group of people there
  • She and Rodrigo have a huge fight, and he tells her that she'll never be a great conductor if she keeps listening to him and Thomas and her father, that she needs to play with the blood and she screams at him that she does and I again fall to pieces because damnit it HURTS and why is Hailey being so horrible to him right now.
  • Thomas proposes to Gloria, and while she turns him down for marriage, she DOES say he can come home and they'll keep trying
  • Rodrigo wakes up after finishing a bottle of absinthe back in Egon's (John Cameron Mitchell) studio during a rehearsal
  • He cries to Egon that he IS Faust, and as he turns away in desperation, young Mozart is standing there
  • Rodrigo runs after young Mozart, but can't catch him.

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