Sorry Folks, No Crazyhead Series/Season Two On E4 Or Netflix

My love for E4 and Netflix's Crazyhead knew no bounds. A combination of post-Misfits Howard Overman as showrunner/writer and the infectious energy and screen performance of Susan Wokoma, in particular, made this a very British Buffy/Angel-ish show I could adore. And did. As did, it seemed, many people.

But sadly, not enough. Tonight Susan Wokoma tweeted out the sad news.

Dammit. Especially since the very Crazyhead contract was something new to TV to ensure onscreen talent were rewarded and stayed with the show rather than get headhunted by Game Of Thrones/The Hobbit/Star Wars as has decimated other British genre shows.

Ah well, those of you who also love the show, at least you get the feeling of superiority of a show that not enough other people get, that is just for you and some close friends to enjoy. What's the Crazyhead equivalent of Browncoats/Firebronies? Any chance of a spinoff film in years to come? There was so much story yet to tell… What about a comic book series?

Titan Comics? I'm looking at you. And so is Raquel…



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