Disney in Talks to Reboot the Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise

This one should surprise exactly no one. According to Deadline Disney is currently in talks to reboot the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The five film series, which has grossed over $4 billion dollars at the worldwide box office, has been on a bit of a downward slump. The first movie was a breath of fresh air fourteen years ago but now there is this level of exhaustion whenever the movies come out. The most recent one was critically savage and didn't do well at the domestic box office. The international box office, however, is another issue and why everyone assumed we were getting another entry into the series.

Disney in Talks to Reboot the Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise

That might not be the case though. Jerry Bruckheimer is reportedly still going to be involved as the producer but they are bringing on a new writing team in the form of Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. The two men are the writing team behind the two Deadpool movies, which Disney now owns, and Zombieland and its sequel.

The report notes that there is no word whether or not series regular Johnny Depp is set to return but there is a decent chance that he won't. Disney will try and find another way to making this series viable and there is no point to a reboot if they just bring Depp back. Otherwise they might as well make a sixth movie.

The internal reboot makes sense for the particular direction Disney is going these days with all of the live-action reboots. Maybe they'll go backwards and make this one an animated movie.

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