Donald Trump Critiques #TakeTheKnee Protests Like A Guest Judge At A Dance Competition

President Donald Trump took to Twitter today to address widespread protests across several major sports leagues spurred by his own profane and divisive comments about sports protests.

Donald Trump Critiques #TakeTheKnee Protests Like A Guest Judge At A Dance Competition
The NFL protests are reportedly on the Hot Tamale Train

"Great solidarity for our National Anthem and for our Country," Trump said after multiple NFL games began with various forms of choreographed protests Sunday afternoon set to the tune of the National Anthem, Moves included taking a knee, interlocking arms, black power salutes reminiscent of the 1968 Olympics, and not coming out of the locker room at all.

"Standing with locked arms is good," Trump told the NFL players, noting that he enjoyed parts of their performance. However, he did have some negative feedback for the NFL, noting, "kneeling is not acceptable."

Protest this weekend hasn't been limited to the NFL. NBA star LeBron James burned Trump on Twitter Saturday, calling him a "bum" after Trump pretended to disinvite Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry from the White House after Curry already said he wasn't going. James later went all in on Trump. WWE Superstar Titus O'Neil has gotten involved, as has comic book superhero Batman, as drawn by artist Francesco Francavilla. Music legend Stevie Wonder also took a knee in solidarity and protest. But Trump was unimpressed.

He concluded his critique, with "Bad ratings!" making it unlikely that the NFL will advance to the next round of protest competition.

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