Doug Liman Teases A "Scene Stealing" Character For 'Edge Of Tomorrow 2'

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Edge of Tomorrow wasn't exactly a huge hit but it did all right as far as blockbusters go. It made enough money that we're getting a sequel which is starting to feel like it's going through an identity crisis. The first one seemed to go through the same thing considering it basically changed its title for the home release. We already reported on the mouthful of a title this movie got but director Doug Liman was speaking to Collider and dropped some new information Live Die Repeat and Repeat.

"I think what people tend to do with sequels is they just make them bigger. And I'm like, 'No, a sequel should be smaller.' You did the first film as sort of the ad campaign for the sequel, so now you don't need as much action, and in the case of Edge of Tomorrow, people obviously loved the comedy and they loved the situation … so we can do way more focus on Tom's character and Emily Blunt's character, and there's a third character in the sequel that's gonna for sure steal the movie. We can focus on that. I don't need an action sequence every two minutes."

So Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt are back but this isn't the first time Liman has teased this secret new character. He didn't bring it up again in the interview but he did talk about his plans for future movies and how this will be both a prequel and sequel.

"I see this as a two-movie franchise; there's the completion of the story we set up in the first movie and the relationships between Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt—because, remember, at the end of the first movie, she doesn't know who he is—and that's gonna launch us into an amazing new direction.

It does pick up right where we left off, but it doesn't keep going forward, because we'd screw with time, because the aliens screwed with time."

edge-of-tomorrowThe idea of messing with time was the main point of the first movie so if there was a franchise that could pull off being both a prequel and sequel it is this one. The time travel was also the thing that lead to the unique tone of the movie in that it was kind of funny to watch all of the insane ways Cruise's character would die. That humor was the thing that elevated the movie beyond just being an excellent action movie and Liman seems keen to continue with that dark sense of humor.

"It's mostly not on the battlefield, so there's a whole new arena of fights we're going to do using a lot of the technology, but also, because it is a prequel, it's a lot of the precursor stuff. I'm really interested in the details of that … Like batteries, do they run out on these suits? I mean, they must have batteries. Or he gets stuck with the menu in the wrong language, just the reality of that menu stuck in the wrong language when you're in the middle of a battlefield and aliens are all around you and you gotta get the suit working again, that detail gives you drama and excitement. And humor. In the sequel, I'm creating an environment where I get to have even more of those details."

There is currently no start date for Live Die Repeat And Repeat or even a confirmed cast list but we can hope for more information soon.

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