Full Trailer For New Hitchcock And Tippi Hedren Drama, The Girl

Padraig Cotter writes for Bleeding Cool.

Here's the final trailer for the BBC and HBO's new drama The Girl, with Toby Jones, Sienna Miller and Imelda Stanton. The film will offer us a glimpse into director Alfred Hitchcock's obsession with The Birds' leading lady Tippi Hedren during the making of that film.

I have to say that Jones' Hitchcock make-up looks a lot better in action than the early pictures of him, where it looked like he had a horrible bee sting instead of a chin, and even if he's not the spitting image of Hitch he definitely has the mannerisms and speech down pat.

The drama debuts in America on October 20th, while the BBC air date is still forthcoming. This certainly gives it a head start on Anthony Hopkins' Hitchcock, due for release next year… though that one still has the better make up.

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