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Titans star Curran Walters as Jason Todd aka Robin aka Red Hood (Image: WarnerMedia)
"I have no comment about that." As for the impact her electrocution will have on her life moving forward, Walker says that and aspect of her story that they will "absolutely" explore. Titans (Image: DC Universe) Titans stars Brenton Thwaites (Richard "Dick" Grayson / Robin), Anna Diop (Koriand'r / Kory Anders / Starfire), Teagan Croft (Rachel Roth / Raven), Ryan Potter (Garfield "Gar" Logan /[...]
How A Letter From An 11 Year Old Girl To DC Comics Went Viral
This was a letter written by one eleven year old girl, Rowan, and posted on his blog with permission of Rowan and her parents by David Perry. Dear DC comics, My name is Rowan and I am 11 years old I love superheroes and have been reading comics and watching superhero cartoons and movies since I was very[...]
Full Trailer For New Hitchcock And Tippi Hedren Drama, The Girl
Padraig Cotter writes for Bleeding Cool. Here's the final trailer for the BBC and HBO's new drama The Girl, with Toby Jones, Sienna Miller and Imelda Stanton The film will offer us a glimpse into director Alfred Hitchcock's obsession with The Birds' leading lady Tippi Hedren during the making of that film. I have to say that[...]
Sunday Runaround – The Byrne Origin Of Robin
ByrneWatch: From the boards; Since when is Robin a girl? •• Since I suggested it to Frank on a flight back from a convention in Atlanta, one year, and a wee while later he used the idea in THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. PadWatch: Now the Kindle yaoi censorship spreads to heterosexual content too. ThorWatch: Pagans speak out about[...]