Ghost In The Shell Director Promises The Remake Won't Be The "Hollywood" Version


Understandably anime fans are a little cautious of Ghost in the Shell. Hollywood has a way of taking properties, especially foreign properties, and sanitising them to death.

Director of the upcoming Americanisation of Ghost in the Shell, Rupert Sanders, is trying his hardest to try and kill that perception. Speaking to Empire, the director said that he doesn't want to make the "Hollywood" version of the film, but something more thoughtful. He explained:

This is a ride that's not just explosive and exciting, but also curious and reflective. This isn't the sh*t Hollywood version.

Oh, then I assume it;s going to just be the good Hollywood version then? All joking aside, if he can pull that off, I'll be pleased as punch. I like good movies. I'll hold him to thatl