God Of War Is Coming, Just Don't Expect It Soon

By Patrick Dane

[Image 1]I honestly thought that the last game shown at the PlayStation Experience's Keynote on Saturday would be a God of War game. The timing felt right to announce the PlayStation mainstay, but alas, it wasn't to be.

That doesn't mean that we won't see the franchise though at some point. At a PlayStation Experience God of War retrospective attended by IGN, Santa Monica Studio's Creative Director, Cory Barlog, confirmed that the game was in development. Don't expect it any time soon though. He asserted that he hoped to share more in the "next year or two". If that is a year or two before an official reveal, we could be looking at three or four year until we're ripping mythological beasts heads off and savouring their innards.

Barlog said that the game wouldn't be a prequel but wouldn't specify if the game featured franchise protagonist Kratos. There is an idea being floated around by fans of the series that Santa Monica should take the framework of God of War and apply it to the god of war of another mythology.

I can get behind that. Here's hoping that we see Mars, Týr or Horus in the next God of War. That would be pretty neat.

Patrick Dane, once a would be filmmaker, has somewhat accidentally found himself as an entertainment journalist over the past two years. You may recognize him from around these parts, or you may not. Who's counting? From E3 to SDCC to the Top Gear track, Patrick has explored the world of entertainment wherever it has taken him. He is always happy to talk words at you. Hopefully the ones above will suffice your needs.

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