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"God of War" Art Director Completes Series of "Star Fox" Paintings

"God of War" Art Director Completes Series of "Star Fox" Paintings

Ever wanted to see what the God of War art director could do with Star Fox characters? Now's your chance, because Raf Grassetti has put together a series of character portraits based on the main Star Fox cast. It may seem like an odd match, but Grassetti has done an excellent job on these classic […]

"God Of War" Director Cory Barlog Is Attending CES 2020

Adding further fuel to the PS5 fire, a prominent figurehead is headed to CES 2020 as God Of War director Cory Barlog will be in attendance. Barlog revealed the news himself on his own Twitter account, so it wasn't much of a guarded secret. He apparently landed a few hours ago at the airport. 😬 […]

A "God Of War" Developer Has Switched Over To Microsoft

A "God Of War" Developer Has Switched Over To Microsoft

An interesting bit of developer news as a member of the God Of War development team has joined up with Microsoft's "The Initiative". Erik Jakobsen was a part of the Sony Santa Monica team that helped create the 2018 release for God Of War, along with other projects the company oversaw. Not it appears he […]

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Own Ivaldi's Deadly Mist Armor with the New God of War Statue

God of War 4 has been out for quite some time now but seeing collectibles from it never gets old. This time it's from one of the hardest challenges in the game Ivaldis Deadly Mist Armor Set challenge. You can only get this armor sat through a gratuitous set of challenges where deadly toxic mist […]

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God of War, Queerbating, and Pinkwashing – A Musical

June is Pride Month, which means plenty of LGBTQIA+ positive celebrations, a ton of corporations parading as allies, and terrible twitter jokes that don't land well. Normally, game devs tend to seep out of the woodwork to express support for the community during June, and that's awesome. Things went a bit awry this year, however, […]

God of War Bad@$$ Kratos Gets a 1/6th Scale Figure From Mondo

God of War Bad@$$ Kratos Gets a 1/6th Scale Figure From Mondo

God of War fans, Mondo has quite the awesome Kratos 1/6th scale figure up for preorder right now. There are two versions- a regular edition and a Mondo exclusive that includes upgraded versions of the Leviathan Axe and Blades of Chaos. Both will include swappable heads and hands, chains, a severed head, detailed outfit, and […]

God Of War is Getting a Documentary Called Raising Kratos

PlayStation has announced that they will be releasing a God Of War documentary called Raising Kratos, showing the making of the game. Sony Interactive Entertainment is producing a full-length documentary behind their award winning 2018 game, featuring everything happening behind-the-scenes to make a new entry in the franchise. The documentary has been billed as "soon" […]

God Of War Takes Top Honors at 15th Annual BAFTA Games Awards

God Of War Takes Top Honors at 15th Annual BAFTA Games Awards

This week, BAFTA held their 15th annual Game Awards ceremony, as God Of War came out with another top honor while Red Dead Redemption 2 got snuffed. A lot of people were assuming RDR2 would take this one after failing to receive recognition in other major award ceremonies the past few months, especially with six […]

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God of War and Spider-Man Lead the Pack for the 22nd Annual DICE Awards

The finalists for the 22nd Annual DICE Awards are in, and PS4 exclusives God of War and Marvel's Spider-Man lead the pack of nominees with 12 and 11 nominations respectively. The 22nd round of awards will be co-hosted for the third year by Greg Miller of Kinda Funny, and Jessica Chobot of Nerdist News during the 2019 DICE summit. The awards will be […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Tops PlayStation's Downloads Chart for 2018

Sony has released the top 100 downloads of 2018, and while Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was only released for the last few months of the year, Activision's latest shooter managed to rocket straight to the top of the charts. From the PlayStation Blog: And here we are. The PlayStation Store download charts below reflect a […]

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God of War DLC was on the Cards but it was Too Ambitious

God of War director Corey Barlog has said that there were early plans for DLC for the game, but it was decided they were too ambitious for the delivery method. God of War is on a big high right now. It's coming off multiple major Game of the Year awards and there is definitely a […]

New York Game Awards: Red Dead Redemption 2 Leads with Six Nods

The New York Video Game Critics Circle are hosting their Video Game Awards later this month, and have put several of this year's hottest titles up for their Game of the Year award. God of War, Monster Hunter: World, Marvel's Spider-Man, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are all being honored by the New York Critics Circle, though Red Dead […]

This LEGO Alfheim from God of War is INCREDIBLE

Santa Monica Studio's Game of the Year God of War has inspired yet another piece of art- and no, it isn't cosplay… It's LEGO! Marius Herrmann built an incredible recreation of one of the realms Kratos and Atreus visit, Alefheim, completely out of LEGO bricks. It's absolutely beautiful, and we can't get over how great it […]

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Bleeding Cool's Best in Gaming 2018: Game of the Year

Every year, there's one game that manages to surpass all the rest in terms of quality of its narrative, gameplay, innovation, and design. Which means its finally time for the award you've all been waiting for, Bleeding Cool's Game of the Year. This time, the digital edition. While the competition was fierce, we have an […]

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Bleeding Cool's Best in Gaming: Best Story in a Video Game

While games rely on their characters to drive interest, they can also snag our attention with a thrilling story. While good characters are indeed key to a compelling narrative, they don't always match up. Some stories are great because their protagonists are empty spaces for us to fill ourselves into, or because of a strong […]

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Bleeding Cool's Best in Gaming 2018: Best Character in a Video Game

Games are only as good as their cast, and often times the protagonists and supporting characters are what make or break a game outside of pure gameplay. 2018 gave us plenty of stellar characters to choose from, and the decision was harder than we expected. But first, the nominees: Kirby (Kirby's All-Stars, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) Kassandra […]

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Bleeding Cool's Best in Gaming 2018: Best Action Adventure Game

Action Adventure games cover a lot of ground in the gaming space, but the genre also includes some of the top games of the year. Before we get to the reveal, here are the nominees for Best Action Adventure Game of 2018: God of War Shadow of the Tomb Raider Marvel's Spider-Man We Happy Few […]

Check Out This Recreation of Kratos' Blades Of Chaos from God of War

If you're not familiar with Odin Abbott of Odin Makes on YouTube, you might want to check him out, especially if you love God of War. Well, that's just the latest video. Let's rewind a little. Odin has an awesome habit of making fantasy weapons from TV, film, comics, video games, and more all on […]

God of War Main Theme - Tina Guo

Tina Guo Releases New God of War Music Video

If you enjoyed Santa Monica Studio's God Of War game release from this year, you should check out Tina Guo's newest music video. The score for the received Kratos continuation game is by Emmy winning composer Bear McCreary, who has previously worked with Guo on other projects (like the Battlestar Galactica concert!). Perhaps you've seen us mention Guo previously […]