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Cory Barlog Calls Out Trolls Who Harassed God Of War Dev Over Delay
After having to delay the next God Of War game, Santa Monica Studios director Cory Barlog had to call out the "fans" after they harassed the team And yes, we are using the term "fans" very loosely considering some of the things that have been said online In case you somehow didn't know, the next[...]
"God Of War" Director Cory Barlog Is Attending CES 2020
Adding further fuel to the PS5 fire, a prominent figurehead is headed to CES 2020 as God Of War director Cory Barlog will be in attendance. Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment Barlog revealed the news himself on his own Twitter account, so it wasn't much of a guarded secret He apparently landed a few hours ago at the[...]
Duncan Jones Asked Twitter About 'Logans Run' Remake, and We're Here For it
Hell, they're already buying plasma from college kids! — Duncan Jones (@ManMadeMoon) January 20, 2019 But, our favorite responses came from God of War (2018 game title) director Cory Barlog and Bryan Fuller: So, yes, please do as Bryan Fuller says Duncan, and GET IT, GURL. We've been saying for YEARS that Logan's Run would be the perfect 70's science fiction[...]
God Of War Director Cory Barlog Will Give PAX South 2019 Keynote
This morning, Penny Arcade formally announced that they have selected a keynote speaker for PAX South, and it will be God Of War director Cory Barlog This will basically entail him delivering the "Storytime" keynote before the event, taking place January 18th-20th at the Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas[...]
Director Cory Barlog Has Plans For 5 More 'God of War' Games
This of course means that attention has turned to the big question for any hit- what's next? Series director Cory Barlog stopped by Kotaku's game-centric podcast to chat a bit about the game, issues and successes, and just how many sequel ideas he's got kicking around in his brain. WARNING- there are some serious spoilers for the end of[...]
god of war
All the early reviews were overwhelmingly positive, and fans have reacted with much the same since to the point where Game Director Cory Barlog has shed visible tears over it And there are admirable qualities to the game – make no mistake However, I'm considering God of War as part of a series – because[...]
God of War
God of War's Cory Barlog took part in an un-planned interview with YouTube channel Skill Up's Ralph The two spent their time casually chatting about the creative director's reactions to the press' praises for the game and how Barlog pressed forward with development While all of that is fascinating, the most interesting bit of the interview came[...]
God of War Might Be Headed to Egyptian And Mayan Mythologies in the Future
God of War will definitely look at other mythologies in the future says director Cory Barlog. The series up until this point has focused entirely on Greek mythology, making six games where Kratos has killed his way through the entirety of the god roster The upcoming God of War is going to be leaving all those corpses behind[...]
God Of War Is Coming, Just Don't Expect It Soon
At a PlayStation Experience God of War retrospective attended by IGN, Santa Monica Studio's Creative Director, Cory Barlog, confirmed that the game was in development Don't expect it any time soon though He asserted that he hoped to share more in the "next year or two" If that is a year or two before an[...]