Godzilla vs Kong Director Says Ghidorah Fallout Is Present in New Film

After the epic battle for the title of King of the Monsterverse, there was an overwhelming appreciation for the three-headed villain from space known as Ghidorah despite his obvious downfall.

Though he caused plenty of grief for the titular character, his presence will be missed in the new film — but he's not completely forgotten about in the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong. With the film quickly approaching its theatrical release and HBO Max streaming option — the film's director spoke to Collider to promote the title and gave fans some intriguing insight.

The First Poster for Godzilla vs. Kong, Trailer This Saturday
Godzilla vs. Kong Official Poster. Credit: Legendary/HBO Max/Warner Bros.

When the publication asked about the mention of Ghidorah's skull and a "mecha" inclusion, the film's director Adam Wingard explains, "I mean, I think in a subtle way, Ghidorah kind of haunts this movie, you know, like… that's the most recent event, and even though in terms of the monster world, cause this film takes place a relatively short period afterward, but specifics is just one of those things where, you know…"

The director continues, "I can't really talk about it too much cause I just, you know, as much as possible, I just want people to have as pure of an experience as they can, and it's just… If you're reading about it, it's just going to be less exciting than actually seeing it, so it's hard for me to really talk too much in detail about some of that stuff, but yeah." This obviously points to the exciting rumors about a certain villain appearing later in the film, but for casual Godzilla fans, not what you might be expecting. While we could begin to discuss the endless options that a mechanized opponent could entail — maybe it's just better to wait and see how things play out (which is looking to be very promising.)

Godzilla vs. Kong will be released in theaters and HBO Max starting March 31, so make sure to prepare for a monster verse conflict that's been brewing for decades.

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