Gunpowder Milkshake Netflix Trailer Shows Female-Led Action Romp

Netflix released their latest trailer for the female-led action romp that would satisfy any gun-fu action fan with an all-female led protagonists led by Karen Gillan, Carla Gugino, Lena Headey, Michelle Yeoh, and Angela Bassett in STX Films' Gunpowder Milkshake. The tease before the trailer is split with three frames listing the aforementioned stars along with Paul Giamatti in the middle frame, while quick cuts are shown in the left and right panels. The trailer starts with Sam (Gillan) entering a library with a yellow duffel bag that says, "I (heart) kittens." Placing the bag at the librarian Madeleine's (Gugino) desk, Sam requests to "exchange some books.

Gunpowder Milkshake Netflix Trailer Shows Female-Led Action Romp
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When the bag is unzipped, it reveals an arsenal of firearms and weaponry with Anna May (Bassett), Florence (Yeoh), and Madeleine inspecting the weapons. Anna dual-wields silencers while Florence checks the barrel of a large revolver, and Madeline looks at a single-bladed ax. Anna suggests a Jane Austen with a copy of "Pride and Prejudice." Florence suggests a Virginia Woolf with a copy of "A Room of One's Own" with the reveal of blank pages hallowed to fit a gun and silencer attachment. Madeleine produces a legitimate copy of "Agatha Christie" for actual reading.

As the plot starts unraveling, because who needs one, right? We see Giamatti in a rinse-repeat of his villainous role in 2007's Shoot 'Em Up playing the role of Nathan, who claims "they stole from us," assuming it's the women for the sake of argument. We then start seeing action sequences that no description really does any justice as we see the action come together. You can evoke whatever favorite action franchise metaphor that comes to mind, whether if it's John Wu or John Wick. We come to find out that Sam is trying to save an eight-year-old girl Emily (Chloe Coleman), and as the odds are stacked before we're introduced to the final major piece in Sam's mother, Scarlett (Headey). The remainder is just pure unadulterated carnage with slowdowns to emphasize the impact of the hits with allusions to Quentin Tarantino and Wu in certain sequences. It's a shame it's not seeing a US theatrical release. Directed by Navot Papushado and co-written by Ehud Lavski, the film streams on Netflix on July 14.

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