Heath Slater And Curt Hawkins Trend On Reddit After WWE Cuts Away From PPV Match For Roman Reigns Angle

A post on Reddit wrestling community /r/SquaredCircle made the top 20 in /r/all last night after WWE cut away from the ending of match to show backstage footage from another angle during the Great Balls of Fire PPV event.

Heath Slater And Curt Hawkins Trend On Reddit After WWE Cuts Away From PPV Match For Roman Reigns Angle

Just before Heath Slater and Curt Hawkins came out for a match at the PPV, Roman Reigns had been defeated by Braun Strowman in an ambulance match. But after the bell rang, Reigns emerged from the ambulance, attacked Strowman, threw him into the back of the ambulance, drove it into the parking garage, and then reverse at high speed into a trailer. As WWE officials failed to be able to open the ambulance door with a crowbar to check on Strowman, Slater and Hawkins came to the ring and began their match.

"Ladies and gentleman, a serious situation obviously underway in the garage area here at American Airlines Center," said announced Michael Cole. "Apparently an impromptu match being sent out to the ring here. But again, the situation: Braun Strowman is trapped inside the back of that audience that was driven reverse into a semi. We're trying desperately to get some emergency personnel to the scene as we now try to turn our attention to Hawkins and Slater who have a match now."

"More importantly, you have to worry about the health and well being of Braun Strowman," Cole continued before the bell even rang to start the match. "Braun Strowman was in the back of that ambulance when Roman Reigns flipped it into reverse and drove it full speed into a semi trailer."

"You saw the back of the ambulance completely implode with Bruan Strowman inside and now the situation is the man is trapped inside the back of the ambulance," Cole went on as Hawkins and Slater grappled in the ring. "And you saw Kurt Angle, our general manager, and some of the other staffers are in the area trying desperately to get some kind of help back at the ambulance to try and extract Braun Strowman from the ambulance."

"And now, Slater and Hawkins have to go out and have a matchup here tonight as we try to figure out what exactly is going on back in the parking garage here at American Airlines Center," Cole continued, refusing to acknowledge any of the action happening in the ring. "Again, as soon as we get word on the situation, we'll be bringing you back there to try to get an update on Braun Strowman, but, guys, it doesn't look good."

"And a cover and a kickout," Cole interrupted himself, the only call so far related to the actual match before Corey Graves jumped in to say that he thought Reigns went too far in crashing the ambulance with Strowman in it.

"A cover," Graves barely noticed.

"The time for blame is later on," Cole pointed out, still ignoring the match. "At this juncture, we have to get that human being out of the ambulance."

"Braun Strowman is an incredible athlete," Graves  said as sirens began sounding in the arena, signifying more emergency personnel were arriving backstage.

"Obviously, everyone here in the arena can hear the sirens," Cole noted "We have to believe that the emergency medical personnel are arriving on the scene here in Dallas."

The broadcast then cut into two screens, with the match continuing on the left while the screen on the right showed Kurt Angle waving a fire truck into the parking lot.

"This is a live shot of the garage area here in the arena," said Cole.

"We need to broadcast this," Graves added, as the left side of the screen disappeared, leaving only the parking lot action as the match continued unseen. "No disrespect to Hawkins or Slater there, doing what they gotta do in the ring right now, but this is–"

As the camera focused on the fire truck, the bell rung, and Slater was announced as the winner of the match, though the finish wasn't shown on camera. Immediately on Reddit, people began speculating on what move Slater used for the finish.

"Heath Slater won by giving Hawkins a quadruple canadian destroyer tombstone piledriver 619 sharpshooter DDT off of the titantron," said one redditor. "Trust me. I was there."

"Best match I've seen in years, especially when Slater hit the One Winged Angel," added another, receiving the replies, "I personally loved Hawkins busting out the top rope Burning Hammer," and "YES! I preferred the spinning tombstone through the flaming table." Dozens of redditors proclaimed it the "match of the year."

It wasn't long before the topic rose to the top of /r/all, the page showing the most popular posts on the entirety of Reddit, and probably the most attention Slater and Hawkins have ever gotten. It's too bad WWE couldn't be bothered to keep the camera on their match for an additional five seconds so we all could have seen it for ourselves.

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