IFC Midnight Acquires Upcoming Thriller, Hunter Hunter

The long-running indie horror distributors IFC Midnight have acquired a new slasher-thriller titled Hunter Hunter for a release at the end of 2020.

IFC Midnight has truly built quite a reputation, with an expansive horror catalog that has helped establish the company as one of the horror greats. They've spotlighted indie artists around the world, with audiences that can discover new filmmakers, or find even those established in the industry pivoting to try something unique — and IFC has embraced that since the year 2000.

After the stellar buzz surrounding the Dave Franco IFC Midnight release The Rental, the horror distributors just picked up Hunter Hunter, a "deep woods killer-thriller" starring Devin Sawa (Final Destination, Idle Hands) and Nick Stahl (Disturbing Behavior, Bully) as the leads of a film that centers on a family of fur trappers, and a mysteriously injured man who was left for dead.

IFC Midnight Acquires Upcoming Thriller, Hunter Hunter
Photo Credit: IFC Films

The story sounds as if it will keep audiences guessing intentions and or motives, which perfectly fits the IFC mold. The film's director Shawn Linden stated in a press release, "HUNTER HUNTER has been over 10-years in the making, and we're looking forward to now collaborating with IFC Midnight on another leg of that journey. In this film, I really wanted to explore the depths of human nature, specifically the capacity for cruelty that separates us from the rest of the natural world. It's a thrill to finally bring it to audiences, and I hope it serves to thoroughly creep them out."

Hunter Hunter additionally stars Camille Sullivan as Sawa's wife, and their daughter Renée played by Summer H. Howell. Hunter Hunter is currently slated for a December 18, 2020 release date, which will mean you will likely be able to stream, purchase, or rent the indie-thriller very soon.

What are your thoughts on the collaboration between a few '90s icons and the great IFC Midnight? Let us know below!

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