"I Am A Prejudiced Man" – New International Trailer For Lincoln

"I Am A Prejudiced Man" – New International Trailer For Lincoln

Is the general public ready for an Abraham Lincoln biopic without vampires?

The first full trailer for Steven Spielberg's Lincoln was released back in September and had a very dignified tone to it, with Oscar winners jostling each other aside as they crowded onscreen to take their own turn at making dramatic historic speeches. American History scholars will likely collapse into a happy coma over it, and the timing of the US release date is judiciously scheduled to coincide with the US elections, but will it grab the attention of the modern movie-going audience?

The new international trailer you can see below was released over at The Guardian, and it looks like an attempt has been made to package the film into something a little more action-packed. Check out the 2:10-218 mark in particular to see what I mean by that.

If anything, Lincoln is going to be worth seeing exclusively because of Tommy Lee Jones' fabulous Thaddeus Stevens hairpiece.

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