Jeph Loeb Talks About The Potential Of A Ghost Rider Solo Series`


Ghost Rider in Agents of SHIELD seems to be going down pretty well, especially considering that he is taking part in another show, and isn't, well, Johnny Blaze.

Unsurprisingly, question of a solo series has been circling, and there has been talk of it all around NYCC. Well, we have some official word on it now, and it comes from ScreenRant. Agents of SHIELD producer and Marvel TV man Jeph Loeb talked about the possibility of the character breaking away into his own show, and said:

I'll give you the number of the people at ABC who make those decisions.

Obviously, whenever we set out with any of our characters we hope they pop, we hope they connect with the audience. In this particular case, it was a combination of three things — really good writing on the part of our staff, a young actor who is both committed to the role and also is not just a visual effect — he is, in the role of Robbie Reyes, connecting with the audience in a very special way — and the third thing is the fact that this is one of those iconic characters that we really hope can grow. Whether or not he spins out or takes off or sticks around – that would fall firmly under the category of you have to wait and see.

The character is so iconic and loved, it would be hard seeing Marvel just sticking him in some of Agents, and then forgetting him. I'm not expecting to hear news about a solo show soon, but I'm certain the character has a future. I'm interested to see what it is.