Jerry "The King" Lawler Would Only Return To WWE Full Time If They Paid Him With Money

WWE Hall-of-Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler would have a really tough decision to make if WWE asked him to return to announcing full time.

Jerry "The King" Lawler Would Only Return To WWE Full Time If They Paid Him With Money

Jerry "The King" Lawler revealed the condition that would need to be met if he were to consider returning to WWE as a full time announcer on his latest podcast. According to Lawler, WWE would have to pay him money to make a full time return.

"I was more than happy to come back to fill in for Booker T on Raw when the hurricane kept him from being able to be at the show," Lawler explained. "But if they were to call me and ask me to come back on a full-time basis, it would be a really, really tough decision to make. If they said I was going to make the same money as I did before, that would go a long way in making me consider going back again."

It's a shrewd demand on Lawler's part. If WWE was hoping to get Lawler to return to announcing for free, it looks like the two sides may be at an impasse. However, if they are willing to pay him the same thing they were willing to pay him when he was announcing full time a couple years ago, perhaps a bargain can be made.

According to the latest reports from Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE could do just that. Meltzer says that WWE was considering having Lawler replace JBL on Smackdown Live after JBL suddenly retired last week. However, the company ultimately went with Corey Graves, apparently hesitant about putting Lawler in a lead announcing role due to his age. We'll have to wait and see if Lawler is offered another high profile gig at WWE in the coming days, and, of course, whether or not WWE is willing to pay him for it.

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