'Justice League Dark' Will Be "Intimate" And "Character Focused"

justice-league-dark-image-8Justice League Dark was in production with monster genius Guillermo del Toro for years but back in August of 2016 Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman. There hasn't been much information about the project since then, including a definitive roster, but Cinema Blend sat down with Liman about his new movie The Wall and asked him about the upcoming DC project.

I think people will be surprised how character driven and how intimate Justice League Dark is — in kind of a field of bloated comic book movies. We've found a way to do something that's actually really personal and small, and that's my goal. [My new movie] The Wall is about character. The scenario allows me to dive into what I think is… I just love people! I love putting people in crazy situations. For John Constantine, we have an amazing set-up for him for Justice League Dark that's really human.

We've previous reported on turning the genre on its head and whether or not Ben Affleck's role in the DCEU would change the tone of the picture.

The entire slate of DCEU is a little influx right now with several delays and the first three movies not being as critically or commercially well received as they could have been. Liman is also working on the sequel to Edge of Tomorrow but we can hope for more news on Justice League Dark soon.

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