DC-Loving Long Beach Mayor Says The Phantom Menace Was Better Than The Last Jedi

The Marvel-hating, DC-loving mayor of Long Beach, California, Robert Garcia, has finally issued a statement on Twitter revealing his thoughts on Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The movie has been the subject of controversy due to high critic scores on review aggregators like Rotten Tomatoes, but low audience scores, which some believe were artificially manipulated. Garcia has been an outspoken critic of critics when it comes to DCEU films, blasting them when critics panned Garcia's beloved Justice League movie in November. For some believers in a wild conspiracy theory, there's a connection between the controversies surrounding Justice League and The Last Jedi, a battle for the soul of cinema between critics and fans with the futures of beloved franchises at stake.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

The moment had finally arrived for Garcia to see The Last Jedi

…and pass his judgement:

Oh @#$%!

DC-Loving Long Beach Mayor Says The Phantom Menace Was Better Than The Last Jedi

Garcia elaborated:

Garcia's constituents called his taste into question:


But Garcia was undeterred:

He continued to defend his controversial opinion.

For better or worse, if ever there was a politician who embodied the spirit of the DCEU, it's Robert Garcia. See this exchange, for example:

But Robert Garcia wouldn't be such a great leader for the people of Long Beach if he didn't have the temperament to reevaluate his own positions and consider alternate ones.

We've reached out to Garcia for comment on the Rotten Tomatoes score-rigging controversy, both to clarify his position on that important issue, and also because we're going to need some more clickbait article fodder this long holiday weekend. Stay tuned!

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