Marvel's Inhumans And The Terrigen Effect On Lockjaw And Maximus

As Marvel prepares for the IMAX release of the first two episodes of Marvel's Inhumans, they are doing things like red carpet premieres and doing primers with But the primer, from a discussion with executive producer and showrunner Scott Buck, may have given us the answer to one question and the creation of another.

Marvel's Inhumans And The Terrigen Effect On Lockjaw And Maximus

The first question I had when they started making the Inhumans was how they were going to treat Lockjaw. He has been portrayed as both a loyal dog and as an Inhuman who went through the Terrigen Mist and came out looking like a 2000-pound bull dog. I've always been partial to him being an Inhuman living his life as a dog. It adds a lot of depth to the character and opens up a ton of storytelling potential. Seems Marvel decided to go the other way, according to Buck:

"The thing that's important to keep in mind about him is that despite these gifts, he is just a dog, who thinks and acts like a dog. There were versions in some of the comic books in which the possibility [he was a human who had gone through terrigenisis] was explored, but in our version, he is not an inhuman — he is a dog."


The second interesting thing comes up when Buck is talking about Maximus (Iwan Rheon) and his motivations. How he wanted to be king, but:

"He was denied that because his terregenesis left him wholly human and no human could ever rule Attilan. So his life has been a terrible disappointment for him, but at the same time, he is extremely intelligent and has wonderful ideas on things that can perhaps be done better on this planet — whether people listen to him or not is a struggle he will continue to face."

This was the more curious statement, as in the comics, Maximus did not come out of terregensis unaffected. Like with his brother, there was no noticeable physical change, but he, too, got a power: mind control. Maximus can override the thought processes of other brains, being able to force a single action or emotion into the minds of as many people that are in a 20 meter range of him.

The question becomes, did they chose to de-power Maximus for the story, or are they holding this ability back until it can come up in dramatic fashion in the series? Answer one question, cause another.

Marvel's Inhumans hits IMAX theaters on September 1st and will debut on ABC September 29th.

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