Medinah – A Sci-Fi Tale Of The Aftermath Of Climate Change In The Middle East

Janel Smith writes for Bleeding Cool:

Science Fiction often reflects the economic and social climate of the time and location it is developed in, giving the genre's the potential to address many issues.  Medinah deals with the aftermath of climate change from the perspective of Qatar, and the series is the first of its kind to come out of the Middle East.

MedinahThe series follows what happens when the country's largest company Quant-Com when it's attempt at reversing the warming effects of atmospheric greenhouse gasses backfires.

During their panel which was moderated by Battlestar Galactica's Michael Trucco the show's international cast was introduced which included the familiar faces of Eric Roberts, Natasha Henstridge, and Tamoh Penikett the showrunner revealed that Penikett would make his debut in the show's 4th of 7 episodes. Despite the shows impressive presence at the convention Medinah has only recently wrapped up principal photography and has yet to find distribution in the United States.  Given the size of the crowd in Ballroom 20 for the screening and their reaction to the first episode I would not be surprised if the distribution is found quickly.

Medinah is a look at a not too distant future where wealthy CEO's of large companies are looked to to fix the world's problems instead of governments (Elon Musk much?).

We were treated to a screening of the first episode; spoilers to follow.


  • The setting is 2019 Qatar.
  • The cold open starts with the immediate aftermath of a bus accident. Cars are strewn across the desert as two men engage in a gun fight.
  • The opening credit sequence is full of surrealist images of the trials facing the character.
  • We follow our main characters during to the lead up to the launch of the SR 1 rocket set to deliver sulfur dioxide into the atmospher in an attempt to reverse the effects of Global Warming.
  • External intrigues not related to the rocket's launch lead the characters on their bus on a chance that culminates in the crash from the cold open.
  • Soldier Omar and his brother Kahled come across the wreckage and help to rescue their survivors while to gunfight that initiated the crash continues.
  • The bus's explosion culminates with that of the rocket which rains debris down on Qatar.
  • The surveillance and subsequent abduction attempt of a wealthy Quant-Com investor's daughter.
  • Crash survivors find shelter in a cave only to be trapped by a cave-in.
  • Listen all of y'all it's a sabotage! Turns out the rocket was probably sabotaged.
  • A few of the crash survivor's search for an exact from the cave and find themselves in a location very different than the one they left. It is surrealistic complete with a mysterious figure and his large wolf.

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