Michael Keaton Reprises Batman Role in the Last Place You'd Expect

Superstar actor Michael Keaton reprised his acclaimed role as Batman in Tim Burton's eponymous Batman and Batman Returns films, but the venue may shock and surprise you if you are a person particularly prone to being shocked and/or surprised by relatively mundane events. Keaton, it seems, was delivering the commencement speech to the graduating class at Kent University when he decided to leave the crowd with two words he wanted them to remember above all else:

Of course, if any of the graduating students have ever seen the 1989 film Batman, they're already familiar with those two words, since "I'm Batman" is one of the most popular quotes from the movie. Still, it never hurts to remind college students of things, since they're always partying with their keg stands and their reefer and tend to be forgetful. It reminds us a lot of our own graduation from comic book "journalism" school, where a disheveled and drunken Jack Nicholson impersonator left us with the lasting advice: "Never rub another man's rhubarb."

If these students didn't remember that Michael Keaton is, in fact, the best Batman, they certainly do now. Hopefully, Warner Bros. will eventually release the Snyder Cut of this commencement address so we can see if Keaton made any other pop culture references in his speech.

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