Movie Theaters to Open Free to Public When Shutdown Ends?

Movie Theaters are in deep trouble right now. Not only are 99% of screens dark around the country and around the world, they have to start thinking about what they are going to do when this current situation is all over. How do you entice people back? Hit movies will do it, but according to a new interview with Screen Rant, NATO Chief Communication Officer Patrick Corcoran is not ruling anything out at all, including movie theaters opening their doors to the public for free as some in China have done this week:

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We're working on it. We are working on it. We're looking at what's been happening in China. In the provinces that were least affected, they're starting to open their theaters, and they're open for free to patrons to coax them back. The movies they're showing are older ones. We will see… It's going to depend. We're both local and national markets, and our main distribution partners are very interested in national releases as opposed to local ones, so depending on how this virus goes, and whether it's more severe in some places and lifts sooner or later, that's all going to go into it. We're looking at ways to reach out to our patrons and also to our studio partners about the best ways to message and roll things out once we're back up and running.

Free movie theater experiences are one thing, but it might still be weird the first time you are sitting in a crowd for the first time in awhile. What do you think? Will it be weird to share the movie theater experience with a crowd again? Have you retired from going to see films on the big screen after all this? Let us know what you think about all this down below.

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