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Lionsgate, Fandango YouTube, and NATO For Lionsgate LIVE!
Fandango, YouTube NATO (National Association of Theater Owners), AMC, Regal, and Cinemark will all partner with Lionsgate for the program, which will see Lionsgate films streamed live on the Lionsgate and Fandango Movieclips YouTube page There will be links to donate to The Will Rogers Foundation, and the company is also making an initial donation[...]
Will you return when theaters reopen?
How do you entice people back? Hit movies will do it, but according to a new interview with Screen Rant, NATO Chief Communication Officer Patrick Corcoran is not ruling anything out at all, including movie theaters opening their doors to the public for free as some in China have done this week: We're working on it[...]
Will you return when theaters reopen?
Things aren't so black and white though and NATO, or the National Association of Theater Owners, released a statement today saying that they understand why studios have decided to put movies on VOD. Although there has been speculation in the media that the temporary closure of theaters will lead to accelerated or exclusive releases of theatrical[...]
NATO President on Millennials Killing Movies: It's a Complete Myth [#CinemaCon2018]
Speaking about the 2017 box office take, Fythian said, "The idea that younger moviegoers aren't passionate moviegoers is a complete myth." According to NATO's stats, the global box office broke $40 billion for the first time ever "We are now a global industry and we had our first $40 billion year last year….it's grown 17% from[...]
Swipe File: Valiant And NATO
  Valiant Entertainment has had a few logos over the couple-of-decades. Before it settled on the current design, by Rian Hughes. But at its heart, is there something else inspiring it? That has now been revealed more than ever by the current logo? That's the current emblem of NATO, established in the fifties Of course there are most likely based[...]