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Movie Theaters to Open Free to Public When Shutdown Ends?

Movie Theaters are in deep trouble right now. Not only are 99% of screens dark around the country and around the world, they have to start thinking about what they are going to do when this current situation is all over. How do you entice people back? Hit movies will do it, but according to […]

[Op-Ed] Theater Owners And Voters Must Embrace Streaming Services

NATO Believes the Theater Industry Will Rebound from Coronavirus

To say that things have been a bit chaotic in Hollywood since the coronavirus hit would be a bit of an understatement. From major movie stars getting sick to productions getting shut down to delays of massive tentpole movies to theater chains closing down entirely, 2020 is shaping up to be a rough year for […]

NATO President on Millennials Killing Movies: It's a Complete Myth [#CinemaCon2018]

National Association of Theater Owners President and CEO John Fithian is talking about the state of the film industry at CinemaCon in Las Vegas right now, and he quickly refuted the idea that young people don't go to the movies. Speaking about the 2017 box office take, Fythian said, "The idea that younger moviegoers aren't passionate […]

Swipe File: Valiant And NATO

  Valiant Entertainment has had a few logos over the couple-of-decades. Before it settled on the current design, by Rian Hughes. But at its heart, is there something else inspiring it? That has now been revealed more than ever by the current logo? That's the current emblem of NATO, established in the fifties. Of course there […]