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Horror Icons + The Muppets = The Only Thing You Need To See Today

Muppets and horror fans need to check out these wild mash-ups done by artist Jason Beck. In a genius move, he took the Muppets we all know and love, and combined them with some of horror's classic icons. And they may be the greatest thing we have ever seen. Fozzie as Freddy, Gonzo as Jason (with Camilla as Pamela Voorhees!), Rowlf as Hannibal Lecter, Animal as Buffalo Bill, Beaker as Michael Myers (with Dr. Honeydew as Loomis), Miss Piggy as Carrie, Swedish Chef as Leatherface, Staltler and Waldorf as The Grady Twins, Scooter as Chucky, Sam the Eagle as Pinhead, Kermit as Norman Bates, and maybe most perfectly, Electric Mayhem as the Captain Spaulding and The Firefly Family. Check them out below.

I Wish That These Muppet Prints Would Be Figures

"I really enjoy mashing things up…especially things that are considered cute with things that are gruesome. The only parameters I had for this series was 1) Don't make them do poses/expressions their physical counterparts are incapable of, 2) Don't spend more than 5-6 hours on each one, and 3) don't go *over* the line of good taste…just find the line. I might have broken the second restriction on a couple of these. It was a fun side project."


These make the rounds every year around this time now, but it is never a bad time looking at them. Besides making all the best choices between Muppets character and horror icon, the artwork is gorgeous. Check out more of Jason's artwork here, and here's hoping that we can get a series 2 sometime. What do you think, Jason? Please?

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