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doctor who
It turns out that Janis Goblin's name was inspired by another corner of the pop culture universe – and it's forcing us to come to the defense of our Muppets peeps In an Instagram post, RTD noted the Janis Joplin connection but then added this: "TRUE FACT: the Doctor calls her Janice because she's got[...]
holey moley
Look, as excited as we are to have the commentating "dynamic duo" of Rob Riggle & Joe Tessitore and sideline correspondent Jeannie Mai back for another season of ABC's hit mini-golf competition series Holey Moley!, we would be lying if we said there wasn't another reason why we're excited about tonight's return round, "Holey Moley,[...]
Muppet Babies Memorabilia Is Now Live At Heritage Auctions
Many generations now have been raised on Jim Henson's The Muppets Created in 1955, The Muppets have been delivered to adoring audiences in many different iterations Personally, I came up loving Muppet Babies While the franchise is best known for its use of puppets, many were first exposed to the series with this cartoon. Muppet Babies told stories of[...]
Disney's Muppets Haunted Mansion Review: Atmosphere Of Spooky Fun
Recently, I watched the Muppets Haunted Mansion special on Disney+, and with most of my expectations met there were still highs and lows with it overall Don't get confused, the lows were rare and the highs were plenty Spoilers are ahead, so turn back now… foolish mortals! Source: Disney+ From the beginning the aesthetic, well truly the[...]
Muppets Haunted Mansion: Disney+ Halloween Special Releases Trailer
Whenever a series or iconic establishment can involve The Muppets…we're on board A frightful and hilarious story is headed to Disney+ on October 8th with Muppets Haunted Mansion Of course, the celebrity guest stars alongside the Muppets are set to be fantastic Starring in the special alongside fan-favorite Muppets, are Will Arnett (as The Ghost Host),[...]
On Friday, The Walt Disney Company did just that when they announced that The Muppets would be visiting the iconic Disneyland staple The Haunted Mansion for the Halloween-themed Disney+ special Muppets Haunted Mansion Aside from the trick and treats that await viewers, what already widened our eyes was the fact that this will be The[...]
The Muppet Show (Image: Disney)
"Today, I'm proud to say: 'It's time to play the music, light the lights and meet the Muppets on Disney Plus tonight!' And as for Statler and Waldorf, the two old guys in the balcony, I can only add: 'Sorry, guys, but….here we go again." can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Original Theme Song[...]
The Muppet Show (Image: Disney)
Since Dinsey acquired the rights to The Muppets, fans knew it was only a matter of time until the series joined the streamer's library of movies, shorts, and new series Muppets Now. The Muppet Show (Image: Disney) Created by Jim Henson and premiering in 1976, The Muppet Show stars Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo, the Swedish[...]
The Muppets Swedish Chef Joins Overcooked! All You Can Eat
A fun surprise yesterday from The Game Awards 2020 was that The Muppets own Swedish Chef is now in Overcooked! All You Can Eat In a fun team-up between Team17, Ghost Town Games, and Disney, the game now features everyone's favorite mustached cook As you can see from the image below, he is dressed up[...]
Horror Icons + The Muppets = The Only Thing You Need To See Today
Muppets and horror fans need to check out these wild mash-ups done by artist Jason Beck In a genius move, he took the Muppets we all know and love, and combined them with some of horror's classic icons And they may be the greatest thing we have ever seen Fozzie as Freddy, Gonzo as Jason[...]
The official logo for the musical Hamilton.
New originals debuting include Muppets Now, new episodes of Pixar in Real Life, and One Day at Disney Check out the full list below. July 3 Animal ER (S1-2) Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules Ice Age: Collision Course Ice Road Rescue (S1-4) Race to Witch Mountain (2009) The Big Green The Mighty Ducks Hamilton – Premiere An unforgettable cinematic stage performance, the filmed version of the[...]
Diamond Select is Bringing a TON of Exclusives to SDCC This Year
Ghostbusters figures, Marvel Gallery statues and busts, a Harley Quinn statue, Vinimates galore, Pacific Rim and Muppets figures, Star Trek ships, Star Wars Gentle Giant busts, and so much more This may be the most exclusives DST has ever brought Check it all out below! Real Ghostbusters Action Figures Spectral GB Box Set The classic tan costumes[...]
It makes perfect sense to us that Disney+ would be bringing the beloved The Muppets franchise to their new streaming service Back in February, there were rumblings that this was the case, and new reports are echoing this with some additional information. The original report was that The Muppets were headed to Disney+ in some type of live-action[...]
Original 'Sesame Street' Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch Puppeteer Caroll Spinney Retiring
Performing as a professional puppeteer in Las Vegas and Boston in the 50's and 60's, Spinney would meet series creator Jim Henson at a puppetry festival in 1962 when Henson was first developing the Muppets that would be essential to the show's success Joining Sesame Street's premiere season, Spinney's unique talent and heart would help make Big Bird[...]