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Kermit The Frog Has Been Added To Disney Speedstorm
Gameloft added a new character to the roster of Disney Speedstorm this week as Kermit The Frog of The Muppets fame is now available as a driver Exploring more of the Disney catalog beyond animated films, the iconic character is now in the game as a mid-season racer, as part of the Speedster class that[...]
Funko Games Reveals Full New York Toy Fair 2023 Selection
The company will have five games on hand, a mix of different titles from Rugrats, Charlie Brown, The Muppets, Winnie The Pooh, and Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer We have the full list below, as you'll be able to see what's on hand this weekend from September 30 until October 3. Credit: Funko Games Peanuts Charlie Brown Trim[...]
The Muppets Mayhem: Disney+ Series Electric Mayhem Origin Story
Disney+ is bringing The Electric Mayhem Band's story to fans through an upcoming series, The Muppets Mayhem The series will take audiences on a music-filled journey as, at long last, the band records its first ever album Lilly Singh (A Little Late with Lilly Singh, Dollface) will play the (human) lead role of "Nora," the junior[...]
The Muppets Come to LEGO with New Mystery Minifigures Bags
This is a great way to incorporate a franchise without an actual set introduction, and the newest one is The Muppets! That is right, your favorite The Muppets characters come to life and are ready for some wild brick built adventures The Mystery Bags will hide a total of 12 mini-figures with each coming with[...]
The Muppet Christmas Carol Soundtrack Getting A Vinyl Release
There will be three versions of the release: iam8bit's online store will have an exclusive "Ghosts of Christmas Blue" disc, while retail will see The Muppets Christmas Carol released in both red and green Check it out below. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see[...]
The Muppets Are Better Than Quentin Tarantino In Every Way : Opinion
The Muppets are everything and anything, an improvisational group of music and humor that could outshine Quentin Tarantino's work any day From an iconic series to multiple significant films in the lives of multiple generations, they rise above the work of an ego-maniacal creep I'll give credit to Inglorious Bastards as being a film that's[...]
The Muppets always know how to load up their specials in grand fashion Their latest in their version of Disney's popular Haunted Mansion, based on the popular theme park ride, announced the guests who will make their spectral cameos starting with Alfonso Ribeiro (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), Danny Trejo (Machete), Chrissy Metz (This Is[...]
The Muppets Beaker and Bunsen Get DST Exclusive Figures For SDCC
San Diego Comic Con 2021 is about to get a little wacky and explosive as The Muppets are getting an exclusive figure release from Diamond Select Toys Beaker and Bunson are back and creating some chaos in the lab with this limited edition figure set Coming in at only 3000 pieces, The Muppets fans will[...]
Diamond's The Muppets “Best Of” Packaging and Accessories Revealed
Diamond Select Toys has been talking about their new Disney's The Muppets "Best Of" figures for quite some time These figures have already been re-released in the past, but now they are back and better than ever Oddly enough, listing for the upcoming figure has arrived at Hot Topic of all places These listings show[...]
The Muppets Swedish Chef Joins Overcooked! All You Can Eat
A fun surprise yesterday from The Game Awards 2020 was that The Muppets own Swedish Chef is now in Overcooked! All You Can Eat In a fun team-up between Team17, Ghost Town Games, and Disney, the game now features everyone's favorite mustached cook As you can see from the image below, he is dressed up[...]
Horror Icons + The Muppets = The Only Thing You Need To See Today
In a genius move, he took the Muppets we all know and love, and combined them with some of horror's classic icons And they may be the greatest thing we have ever seen Fozzie as Freddy, Gonzo as Jason (with Camilla as Pamela Voorhees!), Rowlf as Hannibal Lecter, Animal as Buffalo Bill, Beaker as Michael[...]
Netflix Debuts Poster For Enola Holmes, Trailer Soon
Netflix is adding a ton of big-name originals in September, including Enola Holmes, The Babysitter: Killer Queen, The Devil All The Time, and films like Back To The Future 1, 2, and 3, The Muppets, Grease, Magic Mike, and Pineapple Express On the TV side, Ratched makes its debut, while Chef's Table continues chugging along,[...]
An Adorable Pin-Up Of The Muppets Is On Auction On Comic Co
The Muppets are some of the most iconic characters ever created, and their fans are legion The collector market around them would knock your socks off; I had no idea how deep it went until a couple of years ago Figures, theme park merchandise, the show, and films from various releases over the years Even[...]
The Muppets Get “Best Of" Figure Series with Diamond Select Toys
This time The Muppets are front and center as they return once again The series is split up with 2 waves of figures and will be all 2-packs For Series 1, fans will be getting: Gonzo with Fozzie, Scooter with Rowlf, and of course Kermit the Fringe and Miss Piggy Series 2 on the other[...]
The Muppets Video Call | Muppets Now | Disney+
First off, it's an unscripted, six-episode series that includes improv, off-the-cuff gags, and a parade of the Muppets' close, personal (and famous) friends so it's a mix of a reality show and the original series Scooter finds himself rushing to make his delivery deadline to upload their brand-new series to their streaming home To say[...]
The Muppets Now on Disney+ (Image: Disney)
Think we're kidding? First off, it's an unscripted, six-episode series that's going to include improv, off-the-cuff gags, and a parade of the Muppets' close, personal (and famous) friends) so it's already a mix of a reality show and the original The Muppet Show Here's where the meta part comes in: the six-episode season finds Scooter rushing[...]
It will be nice for The Muppets Show fans to add such a big part of the show's history to their collection With each figure being beautifully sculpted and popping in color, it will make any dedicated fans collection rock out The Dr Teeth and The Electric Mayhem SDCC 2020 Exclusive Figure Set from Diamond[...]
It makes perfect sense to us that Disney+ would be bringing the beloved The Muppets franchise to their new streaming service Back in February, there were rumblings that this was the case, and new reports are echoing this with some additional information. The original report was that The Muppets were headed to Disney+ in some type of live-action[...]
[Rumor] 'The Muppets' are Coming to Disney+, Josh Gad Involved
Disney moving into streaming services seems like the perfect opportunity to find a permanent home for properties that have struggled with traditional network models, like the most recent two incarnations of The Muppets We all expected that perhaps the felt-friends were destined to end up on Disney+, and that may yet be the case. Kermit the FrogPhoto[...]
DST Solicitations Collage
Animal from The Muppets gets a $150 bust, and John Wick Vinimates are also up for order Check out full details and pics below. LEGENDARY FILM MUPPETS ANIMAL 1/2 SCALE BUST Another Legend is in the making! One of the Muppet Show's most iconic Muppets, Electric Mayhem drummer Animal, is the first felt fellow to be made[...]
Frank Oz Says Disney is Mishandling The Muppets
When it comes to The Muppets there is one famous puppeteer that thinks Disney is dropping the ball — big time In a recent interview with Frank Oz in The Hollywood Reporter Oz mentioned that he believes Disney just doesn't "get it". Editorial credit: Jaguar PS / "As much as Disney loves The Muppets and wants[...]
Muppet Babies: Kermit and Fozzie Take Show-n-Tell to the Extreme in New Preview
We probably did a hundred different characters trying to figure out who this was going to be, and when we came into Disney Junior with this penguin and a couple others, they immediately went to the penguin and said, 'That one.' We have that original drawing hanging in the studio now." – Tom Warburton Muppet Babies[...]
Presidential Election (…keep it movin'…) and a nightly talk show. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: The Weekly Static s01e28: Kylie Jenner, Walking Dead, Muppets & More! ( FOX Orders Season 15 of So You Think You Can Dance What Lauren Cohan's New ABC Pilot Means for The Walking Dead Disney Plans The Muppets Reboot for New[...]
Disney Plans The Muppets Reboot for New Streaming Service
To that end, sources have told The Hollywood Reporter exclusively that The Muppets would be getting their second reboot in the past four years as part of the new service's programming slate; and that Disney is actively searching for a writer with a new take. The Muppets Studio was acquired by Disney in 2004, but it[...]