There Is No Spoon? Zak Penn Takes To Twitter To Talk Matrix, And Why Reboot/Remake Don't Apply


After news broke that Warner Bros was planning a Matrix reboot, with Zak Penn writing a treatment, the internet spent a few days thinking about that and was mostly skeptical.  After all, in the almost-20 years since the original film hit, we invented the Matrix for ourselves.  Kidding (not kidding), but aside from the notion that it's all feeling a little bit on-the-nose these days, it's hard to put one's finger on the precise reason for the reaction.  A highly-regarded debut movie with a franchise-full of ideas followed by a couple of sequels that many felt were unsatisfying? Nostalgia aside, that would seem to be not-unreasonable territory for a reboot. Another chance to get it right, perhaps.

But tonite, here's Zak Penn hitting twitter to … not exactly clarify, perhaps, but to specifically talk about the R-words: Reboot and Remake, and how they don't apply here:



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